O2L Imagines

fan fictions mumble down below what yah want in the imagine and stuff yah know the drill oh and no sex dont be a little nasty. Most of you arnt old enough to have it so no.Just okay alright bye love yah all stay frantastic.


3. Imagine: Savannah and Jc

I grab the last Arizona iced tea smiling i walk down the isle someone stops me though. Its jc holy crap i swear that boy has a tracker on me somewhere. 

"Excuse me but i think that's mine princess." he says pointing at my Arizona tea.

"How  about no."

"Did you just say no to me your boyfriend? Jc Caylen." he asks like he is offended.

"Yeah i Savannah just did say no to Jc Caylen my boyfriend." 

I walk away from Jc but he grabs my wrist and pulls me closer to him. Our eyes meet instantly damn he has gorgeous brown eyes.He pulls me in for a kiss during the kiss Jc takes the tea. He pulls away and makes a run for it while laughing.Why didn't i see this coming. i see Jc 5 feet away paying for the Arizona tea he looks at me and smiles then walks out the door. I run after him by the time im outside he is sitting on a park bench 7 feet away drinking my Arizona tea. how is he so fast. i run faster and finally reach him i sit by him. on the edge of my eye i can see Jc grinning he hands the tea to me,

"Here you go princess."

"thanks Jc it only took about 30 minutes to get it back." i smile at him

i drink the rest of the Arizona tea the little that i got and throw away the can Jc pretends to yawn and puts his arm around me and pulls me close we kiss again but this time im the one who pulls away i grab his beanie and make a run for it,and i scream 



what Savannah wore 



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