O2L Imagines

fan fictions mumble down below what yah want in the imagine and stuff yah know the drill oh and no sex dont be a little nasty. Most of you arnt old enough to have it so no.Just okay alright bye love yah all stay frantastic.


2. Imagine :Ricky

You work at a starbucks in California near where Ricky lives one day he walks in with a friend there strutting around like they own the place so you automatically know the sass is real.

his friend sits down and Ricky comes up to the counter to order.you put your hands on your hips.

"welcome to starbucks may i help you."you say sassily.

"Yes you can i would like to coffees for here please and a better attitude not that ratchet one miss (Y/N)."he says even sassier. 

It is on. you think. because no one is sassier than you or so you thought   

"hah well im sure you would hate it if you worked here to so how about no and im not ratchet so go sit your ass down and ill get your fucking coffee okay alright." you snap back at him.


he walks back cockily and sits in his seat talking to his friend and both of them  look at you sometimes then laugh so you know what there talking about. The anger inside you boils. you get there coffee and walk it over to them.when your not paying attention you run into Ricky spilling the coffee on both of you. You look up to see his Beautiful  brown eyes staring at you he flashes a smile and you both  stare into each others eyes your coldness goes away instead of hating him you suddenly are crushing on him. you snap out of your trance and say." Im soo sorry."

"Girl yah need to watch where your going but its okay and im Ricky."

"AND IM CONNOR CHING!!!!" his friend says yelling then smiles at the ching part.

You laugh.

Later on when Connor and Ricky drink there coffee you give them the bill they pay and leave theirs a feeling inside you that misses Ricky but that he will come back tomorrow. you go over to there table to wash it you see a tip and a piece of paper on the paper it says,

    Ill be back tomorrow Boo and you better be in a good mood because no one out sasses me 

ps flip the paper over

you flip the paper over and it has his phone number on it you smile and stuff the tip and the paper in your pocket


You suddenly have the feeling this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship


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