O2L Imagines

fan fictions mumble down below what yah want in the imagine and stuff yah know the drill oh and no sex dont be a little nasty. Most of you arnt old enough to have it so no.Just okay alright bye love yah all stay frantastic.


10. Imagine :Kerstin and Sam

I walk into Ricky connor,Kian,And jc's House i see Sam his face lights up and he runs towards me.The boys all see me to so they get up and start running to.Ricky pushes Sam down and hugs me grinning as Sam punches him and trys to get him off of me finally ricky lets go of me and sam and i hug (BAMMM SPARKSSSS)It feels amazing when he hugs me. He lets go and takes ahold of my hand the boys lead me to a living room full of people there in a circle.Oh god ..Truth or dare3 but psh fuckers this is my game i sit next to sam and connor. Conor gives me this devious grin and laughs evily frankly he sounds like a dyeing bear...not good.  

"Kerstin,"He says creeply."Truth or dare." 

"Dare." i say without thinking.

" I dare you to go over to sam and kiss him for 1....no..60 seconds." Connor grins.

I go over to Sam and we kiss for 60 seconds and when its done i sit back down i wink at sam and he winks back.

"Kerstin your turn."Ricky says

Ok Lil kian," i say."Truth or dare."

"dare."He says

"I dare you to brake up with andrea...."I start saying jokingly

"NO."KIAN PROTESTED.(Or jimmy whatever floats yah boat)

"Just kidding god...I dare you and sam to walk over to jc and give huim the most disturbing face you can think of ....Make him uncomfortable."I say evilly while smirking.

Kian and sam walk over to Jc and give him this face...


Jc scoots back and we all start laughing.


Jc screams.when he emphasizes wishbone the little monster goes over to Sam and starts attacking him  Sam screams and runs away from wishbone while wishbone chases him threw the hall. Sam screams loudly and we all laugh.He comes back and takes my hand.

"were we going."i ask

"away." he says

I get up and we run out of  the house hand and hand screaming."Theres a demon in the House a demon i say!!!!"

what a perfect couple we are


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