bring it on

Emily harris is a 13 year old living in an orphanage
when suddenly 5 celebrity visitors come in.


21. the fight


Today I want to take Emily to see World War Z at the movies I heard it's really scary."Lexi do you wanna go with me to the movies?"I shouted up the stairs."Yea"she said rushing down the stairs with her coat on."I wanna come"Zayn said rushing down the stairs."Mate I just wanna have some alone time with Em"I said angrily."Chill and why can't I come Its just a movie"Zayn said angrier."Well because you and Liam spend so much time with her you leave no time for me and the rest of the lads"I shouted clenching my fist."Guys stop To stop this I'll go to the movies with louis"she said dragging me out the door.

(skip car ride and at the movies)

Emily's POV-

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"I screamed when the zombies suddenly bit the man and turned him into one of them."Poor girl it's her birthday and these creatures are ruining it"louis said laughing.

"Louis how in your sick mind do you think that is funny it her birthday and these creatures are creating a war type thing"I said shocked."Em I'm not the one with the sick mind it's the writers who wrote this movie"Louis said laughing when the zombies were chasing Gerry and his family."sick minds eh your the one with the sick mind"I said turning my attention to the movie.

(skip movie)

"I'm gonna have nightmares Louis and when World War Z 2 come's don't make me watch it"I said disgusted,while louis was laughing.We climbed into the car and Louis started driving and in under five minutes of Louis making fun of me we were home.I gave Louis a peck on the cheek and ran through the door speeding upstairs into my room and changing into my hello kitty onesie and slipping into bed.


Hey guys gamegirl here hope you like the chappie

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