bring it on

Emily harris is a 13 year old living in an orphanage
when suddenly 5 celebrity visitors come in.


23. OH-OH

Emily's POV-

"I see you woke up"I heard a voice say unluckily I couldn't see them because I was tied up obviously."Ok you better let me out before I kick your buts"I said angrily."You wish now your so-called dad will get you out or less I kinda want your head on my wall"The voice said as I flinched voice well I already got a nickname for the person I thought as I chuckled."What you laughing at"I heard the voice say before everything blacked out.

Louis POV-

"Ok so did any of us offend someone in the past who could have done it"Liam asked."Not really"we all replied with except Harry."Well I did I offended a guy by kissing his girlfriend but you can't blame me we were drunk"Harry explained."Well where is he now"I said with a bit of hope."Oh he still lives with his girlfriend oh and yes she had this old torn down house she used for art"He said angrily."lets go and call the police"I said while we climbed into the car and left.

*skip car ride*

We got the to see the police arresting the man and Em being rushed to hospital."What's wrong with her"I asked the paramedic and he answered with she was drugged with some Hemlock a really dangerous poison but your lucky she took really small as we may be able to get it out of her system in surgery"He said bfore he got into the ambulance and went speeding down the road as we ran to the car and took off to the hospital we also took the long way which was 1hr because Niall wanted to stop at Nando's . But by the time we got there a nurse came out."Hell I'm sorry to report she didn't make it.................................................

*authors note*

sorry I didn't update much but its because of school and homework and all oh and sorry for the worst chapter ever!!!!!

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