bring it on

Emily harris is a 13 year old living in an orphanage
when suddenly 5 celebrity visitors come in.


17. OH OH!

Louis's POV-

"Where the hell were you?"I yelled."Out"she answered without a care in the world."that doesn't answer his question so you better before your grounded"Liam said calmly."Well I was out with a friend doesn't matter and you know him oh and his family is super nice"she said rambling on and on.

"Who is this him you keep talking about and me,Niall's and Liam's girlfriends were here and you missed them"Harry said disappointed."Well I'm sorry but what are their names just to know"she said staring at her nails."Mine is Lexi and Harry's own is Peyton and Liam's is Becca"Niall said worried.

"Those are awesome names but why don't I go shopping with them tomorrow"she said as she ran up the stairs.

Niall's POV-

"Well that's a golly idea boys"I said while Liam was calling them."I wonder who she went out with"Harry said confused.IT's gotta be a guy her age we know and all I keep thinking is JAKE!!!!! 

"Guy's it must be Jake"I said with a weird face."Yea that's what I'm thinking but aren't they like broken up"Zayn replied."Well we better get to bed and we'll find out tomorrow"Liam said as we all went upstairs to get a good night rest.

*authors note*

sorry for the short chapter but hope you like it,


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