bring it on

Emily harris is a 13 year old living in an orphanage
when suddenly 5 celebrity visitors come in.


2. Going Home


After harry and Louis left Liam took us to met the facsinating Emily he was talking about

(their conversation)

liam-Hey Em these are my band-mates the ones we talked about soooo we are adopting you hazza and lou are gone to sign the papers while we help you pack is that okay?

Emily-yea so follow me!!!,she answered as she lead us up the stairs to her room.After some turning and more walking we finally got there.She opened the doors and started packing which was really fast since there was 4 of us.5 minutes later harry and louis barged into the room and emily mumbled something that louis sass mode out!!!!"


Me Niall,Zayn and liam were packing my things when suddenly Louis and Harry barged in the room without knocking I couldn't control myself from mumbling "KNOCK MUCH!!!!" which made louis reply with a "Girl don't you make me snap my fingers in a z formation" in a girly voice which made every burst into laughter with louis standing there akwardly and confused  shouting "WHAT DID I DO WRONG" when the laughter calmed down I told him his girl voice sounds like a dying cat which me and the boys erupt into laughter then louis came over to me and started tickling me saying I had to say he was the sass master or he would keep tickling so obviously I said he was and he didn't let go which means the boys had to pull him off me.I got up and wiped the invinsible dirt off my self when suddenly liam said we have to go.



We were all in the van talking and laughing when I asked Emily if she had a phone and she replied with a no so I asked paul to take us to the nearest phone store."okey dokey"he said.Once we got there me and the boys were pounced on by fans.The fans took a look at emily and started asking questions like who is she and all so I replied with a"We adopted her" some fans were saying nice comments while some not so nice I just whispered in emilys ear something along the lines of this "we will take care of the fans while you look for a phone you like."


I was looking around for the perfect phone a group of girls came up to ugly whore I bet the boys only adopted you because their sorry for you said the blonde one while the other girls snickered I came back with "are you done now you and your barbie looking followers can go back to where you came from"I think it pissed her off because she tried to slap me but a stopped her hand before it connected with her face "you really shouldn't have done because I took karate for 4 years" then I twisted her hand which made her spin to the floor in pain " told you" I said I looked back to see the boys and a crowd of people watching us.I walked over to the boy and told the I want an Iphone 5 with that Harry went to get it while the boys stared at me in a annoying way so I said " What".


We finished with the fans and started walking over to emily when we heard emily and some barbie looking girls talking when suddenly the girl tried to slap emily but she said something then twisted the girls hand which made her spin to the ground the emily whispered something to her and turned around and started heading towards us and in tho most casual voice said she wanted an Iphone 5 which made Harry rush to get one while me and the other boys stared at her crazily then she said in a annoyed voice "what"     

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