bring it on

Emily harris is a 13 year old living in an orphanage
when suddenly 5 celebrity visitors come in.


19. Change!!!!

Emily's POV-

I woke up feeling different so I thought I should do something different.Once finished my morning routine I went downstairs ate some cereal and went into Niall's room to see 3 different guitars.I picked the wood one after battling the pile of garbage in his room and left.

I was walking downstairs when I bumped into Niall."Hey.............what you doing with my guitar?"He said confused."UMMM.....well to ask you to teach me to play the guitar"I said getting quiet after each word."Sure let's go to my room"He said grinning."rather not have you seen it we could do it in my room"I said leading him upsatairs.

"Okay so I'll teach you two easy chords to get you started so first one is A then a E"he said blabbering and showing me places to put my fingers,when all of a sudden he got text."Sorry Em but that's gotta be all today sorry"He said worried I might explode,"It's okay Niall go I'll just go out" I said chuckling."Thank's and you can go aswell but be back by 9"He said leaving.I got up and walked out the door and went up Jake's front porch and knocked on the door,2 minutes later one of Jake's twin sisters Kaelyn  opened the door."Hi is jake here"I said smiling."He is let me call him,JAKE YOUR GIRLFRIENDS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"she said while Jake came running down the stairs."Jake I was wondering if you wanted to go to the london eye with me we could take a taxi"I said eagerly."Sure let me take my coat"He said turning to the coat hanger.

Authors Note

Hi guys gamegirl here and hope you like the chappie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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