You'll never love yourself.

18 year old Karsen has been obsessed with one direction since the start. She knows every song and has seen every interview and music video. When Karsen goes to their concert and get a last minute meet and greet, what will happen when one of the boys find her secrets.


1. The miracle

Cristins pov:

"Cristin come on just come!"

"No, I'm not feeling good, sorry Jess"

"I know you just don't wanna go cause you'll be a third wheel I get it! You'll find someone soon! Bye Cristin have a good night." Jess apologized.

I put the phone back on the wall, and pushed my dirty blonde locks back behind my ear. I grabbed my purple AE scarf and mitts and put on my beenie. I slipped on my black leather jacket and walked out the door.

I thought to myself, I'll find someone, I just haven't got the right guy that all. Who needs to go to one direction just to be a third wheel. Even though I really wish I went! Ugh I'm so stupid I would have loved to watch niall horan rock the stage to my favorite songs. Maybe I'll just text her that I'll go I mean it's only 5:00 pm and the show starts at 8:00 pm

I pulled out my champian iPhone 5s and pulled up Jess's contact. I quickly typed out HEY! Jess I changed my mind I...

"Ooh" sorry lad. An Irish accent creeped into my ear.

I looked up from my phone into deep blue eyes. Niall horan just walked into me, excuse me while I go pee myself

"OoOh --no problem" I managed to stutter out.

He grinned at me, all I could do was smile and blink.

"Obviously you know who I am! Ha what you doing out here along, it's dark. Are you coming to our concert?

"No-oo" I stammered

"Why not lovely, couldn't get tickets?" He replied "Well we can't have a fan like you not come, how about you come with me and will get you back stage and you can come see would you like that?" He asked with a smirk plastered on his face.

"Suure" I said as I followed him to his car.we walked to his limo where he politely opened the door.

"Thank you." I grinned.

It was at first awkward, because me Cristian stweart was sitting in one directions limo with Niall horan. Insane I know.

" So how old are you?" He asked

"I'm 18 I'm almost 19" I awnsered.

"Sweet, and you live her obviously so how long have you lived in Toronto?" He questioned

"Um since I was 3 I used to live in the white horse Yukon." I hesitantly replied. I was nervous and I don't know why it's not like he was gonna fall for me. He was just being generous and a good celebrity.

" Wow that's nice I've never been there." He replied. The rest of the ride was silent and awkward. There was a few bit of questions here and there. But nothing extreme. We stopped at a big building.

" I just have to stop at my hotel to get ready for the show, it's only 6:00 so you can come up to my room with me and eat while I get ready and I can introduce you to the rest of the boys? Does that sound good?" He said while we got out of the car and approached the hotel.

"Certainly, I'll do whatever" I said awkwardly.

When we got to his room. I sat on a black chair, and fiddled with my leather jacket zipper. I was super awkward a lot of the time, and excpecially in knew situations, so this was not good. I heard a couple curses coming from the bathroom and a few fumbles and bangs. When the door opens and out came the hottest guy I have ever seen. He was wearing a white tank top red high tops and black jeans.

"Does this look ok?" Niall asked

"Absolutely" I pushed out the words. Ugh I'm so stupid i sound like a creep.

"Alright then let's go meet the boys in the limo we can eat there cause in starving" he said

Of course I thought, what a cutie I am driving to a one direction concert with the boys them selves then I am watching from back stage! I am such a lucky girl!

Hey, guys I'm really new to this story thing! So leave me comments and feedback! I really am excited for where this book is gonna go. Sorry for the short boring chapter but I just wanted to get started and I was bored haha. Anywho I'll get more later

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