You'll never love yourself.

18 year old Karsen has been obsessed with one direction since the start. She knows every song and has seen every interview and music video. When Karsen goes to their concert and get a last minute meet and greet, what will happen when one of the boys find her secrets.


2. The incident, the beginning

When we got in the car all the boys looked at me and niall speechless

"Ooh look who Niall picked up hello gorgeous I'm Harry" Harry introduced himself

I blushed uncontrollably. Then Liam and zayn and Louis just gave Niall creepy looks. I felt so self conscious it wasn't even funny.

"Hi I'm cristian" I managed to say

"Hello Cristian" All the boys replied in there hot British accents. I watched the boys do there pre show limo routine, I just sat there awkwardly until Niall came up to me.

"Hey, sorry if this is awkward I just thought you looked sad in the park and you seemed like a fan so why not bring you along?" Niall stated

"No it's fine, and thanks I really wanted to go, and I did, we'll I'm fine. But thanks" I tried to play it off cool, but I don't think I fooled him.

"We'll I hope you enjoy yourself cause were here!" Niall smirked

We walked out when flashes blinded me and I was smuggled by paparazzi, and screaming fans. Death piercing screams rang in my ears. I felt someone's hand grab my hand, and pull me with him, it was Niall, Niall was holding my hand! I followed behind him, when people started questioning what he was doing and people screaming at me if we were a couple and girls saying they have never seen me before. I just tried to keep my feet from falling underneath me with all this crowd. When we finally got in the back stage was rushed and full. Niall faced me and tried to say something but then was dragged away from their stylist into his dressing room. I just stood their, trying to put together where I was. I felt like people were judging me while they all walked by me. I quickly walked to the curtain when some rude man shoved me where I feel onto the stage. Only to see girls screaming and flashing pictures then they realized it wasent 1D. I felt for the curtain opening but couldn't find it. I searched everywhere, I just ran the stage back and fourth until someone grabbed me from the curtain opening and pulled me through. It was Liam.

"Hey haha, night wanna stay off the stage the girls could ambush you."

"Yea I just some guy shoved me and I tripped on their I'm sorry I didn't mean to." I tried to apologize but my head was hurting so I fell right into Liam's arms.

"Whoa!" Liam yelped "let's sit you down over here I'll fetch some ice" he said as he walked off.

I tried to figure things out when I realized mom Dosent know where I am, I reached for my phone in my leather jacket. I texted my mom where I was and when if be home, when Liam came back with ice, and handed it to me.

"Thank you." I tried to say but my head was still whooping in pain. He placed the ice on my head

" gently apply it don't rush yourself listen were about to go on stage. So see you in intermission" Liam said as he walked off.

I just sat their with my head shaking and my brain rattling. All of a sudden screams and music started and I stood up and walked to the back stage Curtain, where I guess my eyes blurred out and I walked on the stage. I was whoozy and oblivious to everything when I was lifted up onto someone's shoulder. I heard a sexy voice in the distant when I blacked out. The next thing I rember I was in a room with niall a stuff all over it. I was laying on a black couch

I was hot so I got up off the couch and toon of my leather jacket, leaving me in a white lace tank top. I reached down to tie my black converse when the door opened. It was Niall.

"Hey lad! How are you"

"Sick" I replied " what happend?"

" I'll tell you later sit first we gotta get you on stage to explain who you are or the fans and paparazzi will have a cow, and they'll trie to find out who mystery girl is."

I grabbed his hand that he had outstretched infornt of me. We walked to the stage where lights blinded me and girls screams filled my ears.

"Hello lads, this is cristian, you saw her earlier twice actually! Hah so she's a bit sick so we gotta get her off the stage but she's our friend all five of us," Harry said and he grabbed Louis who grabbed Liam who grabbed zayn who grabbed my upper torso where Niall grabbed my lower torso, they pushed me down into a bowing position but my feet were swept out from under neath me. And I fell face first.

Nialls pov:

I quickly grabbed cristian and threw her over my shoulder. What a cluts I laughed to myself, she must be sick. We walked off stage. I threw her in my black couch. Where I checked the time, 12:00 am great, we can't get her home now! We don't know where she lives. I leaned by her and strocked her hair away from her face. She was beautiful, stunning actually, I'm so glad I got her off the street and took her here, this could be the one, I thought when I was interupted by Liam.

" hey mate we gotta go the fans a paparazzi and going crazy, the meet and greet was pushed until tomorrow it's too late and with cristian and all. Looks like she'll be coming to the hotel with us cause we don't know where she lives."

" we'll what do I tell her mom? More impotently how?" I questioned

"Her phones on the couch, text her mom." Liam said

"Pass code, I can't" I said in disappointment poor mom she'll be worried sick. I licked her up bridal style and took her out to the limo the crowds grabbing at anything. I say that Cristian was shivering so when we got in the limo I took of my jack Willis hoodie and put it on her. When we arrived at the Hotel we tired getting a room for her but realizing she may not know where she was that would be bad.

"So who's she bunking with?" Harry questioned

"Niall it's his pick up of the street." All the boys replied.

"Fine, come on cristian looks like your sleeping with me tonight." I whispered in her ear. When I picked her up the thought hit me. How do I get her in pjs?

" uh guys how do I get her in pjs?" I turned around to the boys who all ran to there rooms.

" immature pigs" I whispered under my breath.

When we got to our room I layed her on the bed. I first took off her tank top, and threw on one of my big old soccer tees on her. Then I unbuckled her pants and pulled them off. I hesitated but then realized it was just like seeing her in a bathing suit. I continued to take off her pants. I then put on some of my old Captian America boxers. And lay her under the covers. I took my shirt of and put on some of my black soccer shorts. I lay beside her in bed. And whisperd to her

" goodnight lovely" I tried to stand up to go sleep on the couch but my tired body soundly budge. So I slept there beside cristian the girl I just meet But the girl that might change my life.

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