You'll never love yourself.

18 year old Karsen has been obsessed with one direction since the start. She knows every song and has seen every interview and music video. When Karsen goes to their concert and get a last minute meet and greet, what will happen when one of the boys find her secrets.


3. Figuring stuff out, twitter famous

Cristins pov:

I woke up to the light streaming in on my face. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. I was in a hotel room. I quickly sat up and checked the surroundings. I don't remember a thing from last night except that I was at one direction concert. Other wise, no memory. I looked to my left, only to see Niall horan shirtless in bed beside me. I jumped outta the bed! Did I sleep with Niall? Did I have sex with Niall? Why am I with Niall? All these things pondered through my head when my phone rang. I went to go pick it up.

"Hello?" I asked

"Cristin where have you been?" My mom asked from the other side of the phone

"Um" I tried to think of something because me myself don't even know what I am doing or where I am. " I'm at Jess's I slept over." I lied

"We'll be home by 10:00 pm Me and Jeffery are going out bye cristin"

Then she hung up. And just like that my mom was gone again. Jeffery was my moms boyfriend they have been dating forever. We'll ever since mom and dads divorce. Witch I hate her for, because when the divorce happened I was 12 and child care services took me away from my parents because neither of them were suitable for child care. So I was shipped of with my brother Ashton an orphanage, but not adoptable me and my brother were in holding. My brother and I were best friends, he was 1 year older then me and always had my back, that was until my mom picked me up at the age of 17 and didn't pick up Ashton, she said it was because he was 18 and had a choice, but I now that I'm 18 I have no choice so I don't think that was it. But know I have lost all contact with my brother and I love with my mom and her gross dick of a boyfriend, and I hate him. My mom spends all her time with him, and then some nights he comes home late from work and she's not there, and she's not there in the morning either, so she probably goes out clubbing and sleeping with other guys, and then leaves me with her boyfriend. So most of my life is spent with me myself and my dog dash, he's a Australian kelpie. My thoughts were interupted by Niall.

"Hey hope you don't mind staying here last night we could get you home cause you passed out and we didn't know where you lived" Niall said as he studied me

"Yea know problem just one thing, did we uh, yunno... Have ..."

"Oh God no." Niall interrupted. "Hah I'm not that kind of guy, I'm just waiting for my princess"

"Of course, and I'm just waiting for my prince... So uh how did I get in these clothes then"

Silence filled the room, wrong question to ask I guess I quickly changed the subject

"So I guess I'll just go home?" I sad graving my phone and clothes looking for my leather jacket.

"Oh no you can't, girls all over want to meet you your all over twitter, they said the better be seeing you at the meet and greet, so it looks like your stuck with us for just one more day!" Niall smirked

"That's fine with me whatever the fans want hey?" I tired to play it off.

He just looked at me.

"You can't wear the same thing you wore yesterday that would just be weird, so I'll go get Louis to by you some clothes be right back." He winked at me.

When he left I ran to my phone and called Jess knowing if I was at the concert on the stage then she would have seen me!

The phone rang, voice mail.

"Hey it's cristin I'm with Niall from 1D I slept at his hotel!!! I'm confused of what happend so call me when your done playing around with your boyfriend. And tell me how I got so twitter famous in one night!" Then I hung up.

Niall came back in with some clothes.

"That was fast" I said as I threw my phone on the bed

"Louis always has some of Eleanor's clothes in his room so you can wear these" he replied as he handed me her clothes.

"Thanks" I took her clothes outta his hand. IM GOING TO BE WEARING ELEANOR'S CLOTHES. The thought sank in. I walked to the bathroom to get dressed. I put on her white true religion skinny jeans. They were a little long considering I was 5'8 I then put on her pink flowy top. I then laced up my converse and theirs to fix my makeup as best as I could. I gave my self one last look letting my brain settle. I am going to meet billion of one direction fans because they want to meet me. I am going to spend another day with one direction! My tummy was turning. I had to act mature. I wasent meeting them I was going to be with them.

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