Gainsride Highschool has had a horrible history of murders. Mostly consisting of female types, sense 1994.
The old head master, Mister J. Hoover Gainsride, the stepson of the original founder and principle , Markus L. Gainsride. Was found guilty of apparent murders of 12 students of the school, between 1994-2003. He's now residing in an old Insane Asylum on the other side of town. Sense then, all murders have stopped.
It's the 10th Anniversary sense the murders. And with a New school Year starting, will they have suddenly have started again? (of course) or continue as normal?
But when has Gainsride ever been normal.


1. HesTheOne

"I can't believe that evil man is still living. After what he did to those poor kids. He deserves to rot in hell rather than linger in an Asylum."
I rolled my eyes at my all to forward mother. I didn't really understand what she was talking about. Maybe because of the fact that I was talking to someone on the internet. Pfftt, who wants to watch the news, not me.
"Clara, " she crossed her arms and somehow made her way to the kitchen. Standing across the island which my computer was resident on. Dab right in the middle. Giving me her, I disapprove greatly, look. I sighed and shrugged.
"What know."  My voice sounded sour, it meant to. She had been annoying me all week. Ever sense I told her about this new website I have been on called Hurtext. All you do is meet people and talk to them. Then if you like them, add them as a Textie , or "friend". It actually really fun, though my mother would think otherwise. She thinks its some kind of perverted site where pedophiles get little girls. Which I never understood. But Anyway, she thinks like that for everything I go on. She always want's to know what I'm doing, who I'm talking to, what I'm watching. Like chill mother, you're not meat, so get out of my grill. I know , cheesy, but you get my point.
"Nothin'." She walked away, but her eyes still rested on the computer, not blinking a bit. "I'm going to go get the laundry . I'll be back." With one finally glance she left. Thank god, I though she was never going to leave me alone.
It's the last day of Summer, before school starts again and I want it to be nice for once. I remember last Summer Vacation, the last day before school. I got terrible sick, I couldn't even get out of bed let alone go outside and have fun. I wanted this whole day to be prefect. Well , so far so good.
I got up at 7:15 and made my way to my friend Jessie's house. Jessie, her mother and I , went to the mall until around 9. Then decided to go see a movie, Dislikable Me 2. It was amazing. Anyway, after that we drove back to her house, it was about 11 . We went swimming with a couple other peeps and called it a day at 6 pm. Yes, we swam that whole time, don't judge. It was hot as hell, weather channel said it was about 93. 6 degree's today. Which is amazing, because usually cloudy weather roams over Iowa , rather than Sunshine. I had fun nun-the-less. My screen started to flash, I new I got a Text from someone on the Website. It was this Kid I had been talking to for ...about a month now. He's super funny. I always end up really Laughing Out Loud because of him. I end up getting yelled at by my mother a lot because of it. He's sweet and shy as well. Which I find super attractive. I'm more outspoken on here than in real life, so it's nice to know someone who can relate.
The only downfall though is that, on Hurtext , it's a rule you can't exchange pictures. If you do you can become banned from the website. I can't risk that! Though I have asked for his number and email twice. And know that I think about it, he never answers. I don't even know his real name, you're not suppose to give that out either. But all in all, he has to be my favorite person to talk to. I can spill, complain, chat , basically talk about anything with this kid. Which I know might sound stupid because you never know who he could be. All I've got is a username and gender. But That's all he has too, so it's not like he can actually do anything.
[ 10: 17pm] m0rd0r_8: Uhmm? You alive?

[ 10: 25] Kit2kat: Yes! Yes! Sorry about that! I was spacing out like a looser D:
[ 10: 27pm] m0rd0r_8: It's fine! xD
[ 10: 27pm] m0rd0r_8: L, is for the way you look at meee.
[ 10: 33pm] Kit2kat: O, is for the only one I see.
[ 10: 36pm] m0rdor_8: V, is very very, extra ordinary.
[ 10: 38 pm] Kit2kat: Egg.....because i forget the last line .-.
[ 10:39 pm] m0rd0r: Perfect xD
******( I suggest listing to the song while reading this segment)***********

Muffled sounds of a girls voice was heard in the back room as he typed in "Perfect", to a wonderful lady he met online. Picking up the large butcher knife from off the desk table making way over to her. Turning on the Radio, the L.O.V.E  song blaring through.
He smirked and Jingle/ danced his was over the girl, who was strapped into the chair by duck tape. Taking a strand of her long blonde hair and sniffing it, a smile still crept across his face. And eyes closed humming along with the music. Opposite from the girl was a cadaver body of another victim , except brutishly mutilated and be-headed. It was also female. He glided over the dead body ,picking it up and dancing with it to the music. Swaying back and forth.
The girl was sweating and winning. Trying to wiggle her way out of the chair. All around her was old taxidermy of any animal she could think of. Though she wasn't paying attention to the scenery more than the computer he was typing on. She new he was talking to someone, maybe that someone could save her. It's her last chance. She had a bad feeling about doing it, but she didn't want to end up like the other girl did. She glanced all around for something that could cut her out of the duck tape. 
He was still dancing around , not paying much attention. Until he dropped the dead body on the floor, staring at it only for a moment before facing the girl. She started to jerk around. He leaned over and whispered in her ear.
"Dont. Scream. Be a nice girl. And dance with me? Okay." She nodded silently. As He cut her out of her binds, ripped off the tape from her mouth and picked her up, only to start dancing with her. She head butted him and ran for the computer, only to be grabbed by the leg and crash down. He started to climb up her legs , but she kept kicking, soon landing a shot to his face. That made him recoil in pain. She scrambled up and ran to the computer, she new she didn't have much time left. Typing in a help message , before hitting enter. The man ran into her , both crashing to the ground and near the doorway. She could see know that the door had multiple locks, there was no way she could have left. She was putting up a fight, he was holding her down as best as he could. Before standing  back up again and dragging her all the way to the chair by her hair.
"th- this! Is what you do!! When you don't!! Obey!!"
Hitting her skull with the chair corner.
"Why couldn't you just listen to me!! "
He hit again.
"Would have been."
Hit. Crack.
Smash. Splatter.
Her skull was in pieces. A pool of blood gathered on the rug.
"No one ever listens......"
Hmm? I wondered what was taking him so long to reply. I know he said his internet was acting up again. But still. I sighed and stretched before standing up from the stool. Sense Mister Know It All is taking a vacation from his all impending partner in doom. I strolled over to the freezer , taking out some , all needed Strawberry ice cream. My favorite. Scooping out shallow bit, and eating some off of the spoon.
"Ahhh damn." Some trailed down my white t-shirt and onto my jeans. "Just great."
On the other side of the fridge was the stove, which had a cloth hanging of the handel. Wipping as fast as I could. I didn't want my ice cream to melt before I even touched it. Then A sudden blinking from my computer screen. Grabbing my bowl I trailed over back to my seat.
Finally that douche decides to reply. ...What was this?

[11:15pm] m0rd0r_8: HELP PLASE HES GOIG TO DHSA SJA; F

What the? What was that about. I placed my bowl down, a little confused and...curious. I typed a response as fast as I could. Hmm, detective skills on!!

[11:18pm] Kit2kat: ... what was that about? o - o

I waited about 20 minutes for him to reply. Before my mother came and told me lights out. I was exhausted anyway. What was his problem? He never answered. I finally left him a message saying goodnight. Before turning off my laptop and heading to bed. Weird...but you know what...this night..was pretty perfect.


[11:15pm] m0rd0r_8: HELP PLASE HES GOIG TO DHSA SJA; F
[11:18pm] Kit2Kat: ... what was that about? o - o
[11:32pm] Kit2Kat: Hey, I got to go, mother dragging me to bed. We can talk later tomorrow. It's my first day back to school so! Wish me luck, wherever you are! I hope you're having fun being your weird self. Night! xoxo

~~Kit2Kat has exited the text~~

He scoffed and shut his computer down. I missed her! Goddamit!
He flung his arm, hitting a lamp that resided on the desk. It falling down with great speed, smashing to tiny bits.
"Just another thing I have to clean up..." He wiped his face, smearing the blood that spotted his forehead.

" is then....tomorrow..."


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