This Is Me, And This Is Our Secret

Leslie has a secret that no one knows, but Liam, maybe he has something to do with. How does he feel about it? Well, Leslie is a 18 year old girl with a Huge secret.


10. Thanks

Author's Note:

I'M SORRY For Not Updating These Few Days... My Computer Mouse Wasn't Working And I Barely Remembered TODAY To Buy Batteries (I Have A Wireless Mouse). Sorry But Here You Go A New Chapter..!

Love And Forgive,



~Leslie's P.O.V.



"Liam..W-What Are YOU Doing Here?!" I Asked "Well, I Came Hear To Cheer You Up!" He Answered. HE IS SO SWEET! "Aww. Liam You Didn't Ha-" "But I Wanted To!" He Said. "Your My Friend, Oh I Also Brought 'The Notebook', Three Chocolate Bars, And Kleenex Tissues.." He Said. Wow, He Sure Does Know What A Girl Wants... "Oh Thank You, Liam. Do You Want To Watch The Movie Right Now?" I Said, "Of Course"..

                               ~The Movie Ends~

*Tears, A Lot Of Tears* "That Is The Most Romantic Movie Ever" *Sniff-Sniff* I Said "Y-Yes It Is" Liam Said. I Knew He Was Trying Not To Cry. Hmm.. I Guess Daisy Went To Bed.. "Liam Do You Wanna Sleep Here? Since Its Midnight... You Can If You Want.." I Said. "Sure, I'm Very Tired.. Thanks." He Said.

(Leslie AND Liam Watched The Movie In Leslie's Room..So,They Are Sleeping In Her Room)

Omg. Who Has There Arm Around ME?!?! *Turning around* OMFG!!!! It's Liam! Is He Trying To Get Closer?!? He Is Hugging Me Now.. YESS!!!!!

                                    ~ IT IS NOW THE MORNING~

"Liam?!  Liam, Where Are You?!?!" I Said. He Isn't In My Room... Where Is He??!


Author's Note:

Hey There My Fanzies ^.^ I'm Sorry For The Short Chapter... I Have To Eat Dinner And Then I Have To Do Chores.... Hope You Like. Sorry For This Lame Chapter..

Umm.. In This Story They Will Start Cursing..I'm NOT Sure If They Will Cuss A Lot..! Yeah..


               Leslie ;D

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