This Is Me, And This Is Our Secret

Leslie has a secret that no one knows, but Liam, maybe he has something to do with. How does he feel about it? Well, Leslie is a 18 year old girl with a Huge secret.


13. I Love It..Thats Sad

A. N:

I Will Only Do Liam's P.O.V. And Leslie's And Daisy And Hazza's Because Its A LOT Of Work....AND I Will Be Adding A Character To The Story. Her Name Is..(Drum Role)

' Gisselle ' My Close Friend Is Going To Be....(Drum Role)

Harry's Girl-Best Friend..!


~Daisy's P.O.V.

"Omg, Liam These Pancakes Are SOO Good!" I Said, "This Is My Mum's Recipe." He Said. "Glad You Liked-" "I LOVE THEM!" I Said Happily. "Uh, Where Is Leslie?" He Asked "I Bet She Is Looking For YOU.." "Fuck." He Mumbled. Oh My Gosh.. He Sure Does Know Cook. Leslie Is SO Lucky. But Zayn Is MINE!  "We're In The Kitchen Love!" Liam Yelled. "Yupp." I Said.

 My Phone Buzzed. Oh, It's Leslie. She Is 'Boo^_^Less' On My Contacts. (NOT True,Less Is Short For Leslie..)

Boo^_^Less: Hi. Did  U Just Say Ur The Kitchen?

Me: Yupp. There Is AmayZAYN Pancakes Here, COME!

Boo^_^Less: Fine. Let Me Shower Real Quick.

Me: Okay. See Ya.

~Leslie's P.O.V.

Just Gotta Put My Cover-Up On Annnndd...DONE! Time For Some Pancakes.. Wait! Naah, Daisy ALWAYS SEES ME In Cover-Ups..Even With A Black Bra And Undies. (LOL)'loco_stripe'_caftan_cover-up:934009&cm_pla=swimwear:women:cover-up&cm_ven=Linkshare&siteId=Hy3bqNL2jtQ-mZ.64.da7r0FlnRuxVpQ0g

(Go On THAT Website  And YOU Will See Leslie's Cover-Up)

*Going Into The Kitchen*

"Oh My.." I Heard Liam Mumble, "Hi.. Sorry I DID NOT Know YOU Were Here Liam." I Said Nervously. "Daisy You NEVER Told Me He Was STILL HERE!" I Said While I Was Sitting Down At The Table. "It's O-Okay." He Said. "Why Are You Staring At Me?..Oh My Nevermind.." I Said Trying To Cover Myself.., "Sorry, How Many Pancakes Do You Want?" He Asked "Three." "Okay Love. Here You Go." He Said "Thanks Babe..SORRY I FORGOT I'm Single!!.." Told Him.., "Awkward." Daisy Mumbled. "Oh, I Don't Mind If You Call Me That...Dani Is Cheating On Me Anyways.." He Said "Oh My Gosh Liam I'm So So Sorry. At Least We Are Team 'Cheated On' (LOL)" I Said While Trying To Cheer Him up..

"Well I'm Going To Go Turn In Your CD For 'Digital Insight Recording' For You." Daisy Said..,  "Okay, Thanks." "Can I Invite The Boys Over?" "Yes."

                                    ~ The Boys Are Here  ~


"Hi Guys!" I Said "Hello, Hi, Hey, What's Up, Hi There Leslie?!" They All Said. "Hello Leslie." A Girl Said.

WHO IS THAT?!? I NEVER MET HER! Why Are They ALL Staring At Me Like That?



Hello, AGAIN.

Did You Guys Like The Chapter? No? I Know, This Is A Lame Chapter.. Well  HOPEFULLY Update As Soon As I Can, kk?

Please Go To The Website For The Cover-Up.

Man I WISH School Started Already So I Can See My Bestie..! :D Its Been Like FOREVER!!


            Xx. Leslie .xX


Personal Note:

The Bestie's And My Anniversary Is On September 11.



Sorry About The Personal Note... We Both Forget The Day Of OUR Anniversary. :p



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