This Is Me, And This Is Our Secret

Leslie has a secret that no one knows, but Liam, maybe he has something to do with. How does he feel about it? Well, Leslie is a 18 year old girl with a Huge secret.


18. I Bought Them !

Aug. 27, 2013 | Leslie's P.O.V.

(Same Day)

"Wow, That  Was Tiring.." Gisselle said. "Yeah, I Don't Know How Guys Are Able To Play That Long, And We Can't." Daisy Said "Well, Guys Are The Ones That Mostly Play Sports And Stuff, Girls Do All Different Things Like Shopping, Sometimes Play Sports But Get Tired Fast, Do Our Nails, Buy Fancy Phone Cases.. Speaking About That I Bought Some Phone Cases!" I said giving one to Daisy. "OMG! This Is So Me And It's Cute!! Thanks, Less." She Said. "Your Welcome, Gisselle Later Do You Want To Go Shopping With Us? I'll Show You Where To Get Your Case, I Forgot Most About You.. You Know Like About 8 Or 9 Years.." I Said "That Would Be Lovely, Yes. Okay, Because I Really Like Those Cases!" Gisselle Said. (Look At The Cases On My Wall, Its A Mumble)

Liam's P.O.V. | Later That Day

"Oh, I'm Starving.." Niall Said "Yeah  Me Too." Louis Said "Lets Go Out For Dinner? Well, With The Girls.." Harry Said "Yeah, Sure." I said "That Was 4 Hours Of Playing, But Okay." Zayn said. "Lets Go Then!" Niall Shouted.


"Where Do You Guys Wanna Go Eat, Because We Are Starving?" I said. Why Not Just Ask Them On Dates, Haha I'm Kidding. I thought. "Umm, I Don't Know, Leslie Where Do You Think We Should Go, You Are The Only One With A Car.." Daisy Said. "Let Me Think..." Leslie Said.. 1O Minutes Later.. "Ooooooooooo, I Know Let's Go To 'Olive Garden' For The $9.99 Never-Ending Pasta Bowl!" Leslie shouted happily. "YES!!" Niall yelled. "Alright, We're Going To Change, Gisselle I'll Let You Borrow Some Clothes." Leslie said.

Leslie's Cute Outfit For Olive Garden --^

Daisy's Cute Outfit For Olive Garden  --^ (Instead She Had A Long Sleeve Shirt Just Like That)

Gisselle's Cute Outfit For Olive Garden --^


Hello, My Name Is Macy. What Drinks Would You Like?" She Said "One Coke, Two Mountain Dews And Five Sprites Please." I said. "Just What We Want." Leslie said. "Okay, I'll Be Back With Your Drinks While You Guys Look At The Menus." Macy Said.  6O seconds later... "I Know What I Want." Niall Said "So Do I" Zayn also said. "Are We All Done?" Harry Said "Of Course!" Louis Said. "Here Are Your Drinks, What Will You Guys Want?" Macy Said. "I'll Have The Fettuccine With Alfredo Sauce And Breadsticks, Please." Leslie said "Make That Two" I said. "I Want The Five Cheese Fettuccine Sauce On Linguine, Please." Niall Said. "Can I Have The Marinara Sauce With Spaghetti, Please." Gisselle Said "Ooo, I'll Have That One Too" Louis Said. "I'll Have The Sausage Pomodoro With Angel Hair, please." Harry Said. "Okay, I'll Be Back With Your Food. It Will Be Never-Ending Pasta Bowls Though." "Okay, We'll Love That!" Niall Said.


Leslie's P.O.V. | Few Minutes Later

"Oh, Hi Daisy. It's Been A Long Time As Friends.. Oh My God! Your Friends With One Direction! I Hate Them! Eww, Gross. Uggh, You Brought Your Ugly Ass "BFF" Too." Crappy said. "Excuse Me Gir-" Louis Said. (Real Name Is Patty, But I Call Her That Since I HATE HER!) "No, Louis Leave It To Me! Okay, First Of All Your Still A Fucking Bitch That Has No Taste In AmaZayn Music! Second Of All Daisy Was Never Your Friend, You Know I Should've Beaten Your Bitch Ass Up In 2nd, 3rd, AND 4th Grade! Third Of All, What The Fuck Are You Doing Here?!" I said. "Well, I Married Some Rich Guy... What's His Name, Oh- Raymon And We Came To Eat.  I Don't Give A Fuck Why You Didn't "Beat" Me Up..Awww, Is The Baby Sad?" Crappy Said. "You Know Leave, Security!" Zayn Yelled. "I'll Get You For Thiiiiissss!!!!!!!" Crappy Yelled While She Was Taken Away By The Security.

"Wow, I Never Seen That Side Of You, Leslie. I Love It!" Louis said. "Thanks, I Guess." I said "I Loved It Too." Zayn And Liam Said At The Same Time. "Good Job, Less. You Did Great By Standing Up For Everyone, Even One Direction." Gisselle Said. "Thanks Guys. But If You Guys Get Me Pissed Off Like That, It's On Like Donkey Kong!" I warned them. "Your Food Is Here!" Macy Said. "Yummy! Let's Eat!" Niall Said.


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