This Is Me, And This Is Our Secret

Leslie has a secret that no one knows, but Liam, maybe he has something to do with. How does he feel about it? Well, Leslie is a 18 year old girl with a Huge secret.


14. Did That Just Happen ?

~ Leslie's P.O.V.  (<-- Leslie Put REAL Clothes On)

    *Sitting On The Couch With Gissle* "Hello, I'm Leslie. And You Are.." "Oh, I'm Gisselle. Harry's Girl-Best Friend." Gisselle  Said. "Wait. Did You Used To Live In Some Brown, Orange And Khaki Apartments When You Were Ten?" I Asked Her "Yes Actually, How Do You Know?" She Asked "Do You Remember Me? I Used To Have A Huge Crush On Your Brother.." I Said.  "Oh My Gosh! Leslie It's You?!" *Smiling Big* "Yes, Yes It's Me!" I Said. 

 *Daisy Is Home* "Daisy, This Is Gisselle. My Old Close-Friend." I Said "Hi. Nice To Meet You. I'm Leslie's BFF." She Said. I Think She Is Jelly (Jealous). "Liam Can I Talk To You In My Room, Please?" I Asked "Yeah." He Said. *In My Room* "What Should We Do?" I Said "What Are You Talking About?" He Said "Like Watch A Movie Or What ?'Cause I Think The Guys Are Bored." I Said "Leave It To Me." He Said. "KK. I'm Freezing, Aren't You?" "Kind-Of." He Said. "Hug Time!" He Said  *Hugging* "Shall We Dance Ma' Lady?" He Said "We Shall." I Said. *Dancing, Now

Twerling Around* "Woah-Woow!" I Yelled (She Fell On Liam) "You Okay?" He Said.

~ Liam's P.O.V.

"Come Closer.." I Whispered. Our Lips Touched In A Way I Liked. Wow, Her Lips Are So Dam Soft. I Thought. Don't Smile You'll Make So Weird. "Oh-. I'm So Sorry I-Uh Gotta Go-I'll Just Go.." She Said "Wait!" I Yelled.  I Think She Left To The Extra Room.. Does She Have One..? Maybe. *Smiling*

*Going Down Stairs* "Daisy Can I Talk To You?" I Yelled "Yes Sir!" She Teased. "Do You Guys Have A Guest Room?" "Yupp. Why?" "Can You Show Me It, Please?" "Yes."  *knocking on the guest room*

"Please Leave Me Alone!" I Heard.. It's Leslie! "Sorry, But No Can Do." I Said Back.  Good Thing Daisy Gave Me The Key.. *Opening door now closed* "Less, Why Are You Crying?!" I Said "Because.." "Because Why?"

~Leslie's P.O.V.

I Don't Want To Turn Into A Slut, Or Worse A Prostitute! I Thought. I Just Got Dumped Yesterday. "Because I Don't Wanna Turn Into The One Girl Who "pays" Liam To Have Sex Or Kiss Her... I Don't Wanna Be A Slut! That Goes From This Guy To That One.." I Said With Tears Falling Down My Face. "You Aren't!" He Said. "Yes! Liam Just Tell Me Did You LIKE THAT KISS ?!" No Answer. "Liam To Be Honest... I Did ." I Said Quietly. "Fine, The Truth Is...."



Not Bad. Cute #Lesiam Moment, Right :o ? P.S. Both Of Their Names Start With A L So It's Hard To Combined Names.

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