I Can't Be Tamed

Violet Matthews was born on December the 1st, 1995. The day she was born she was very special but, also not special. She always got into trouble but, after she got in trouble she wondered what happened. As she got older, she found out every time she looked in a mirror, her evil self was there. Her name was Victoria she wore black and had black wings. On her 18th birthday. everything changed....


2. You Have to Tell Him Sometime

VF:Violet's Father V: Violet Vi: Victoria (I will add more people in as I go)

VF: *yells to Violet upstairs* Violet! I'm home from work!

V: K!

VF: I brought you some dinner!

V: Ok! I will be there in a sec! 

VF: Alright! But hurry before the food gets cold!

V: Ok! I will! *looks in the mirror*

Vi: Well, look who it is...oh wait...it's me! *laughs evilly*

V: Haha very funny Victoria. *rolls eyes*

Vi: You know you have got to tell your stupid dad about me sometime...unless...

V: Un...unless what?

Vi: I do it for you.

V: No! Please don't!

Vi: Then DO IT!

V: I will...I will...soon...

Vi: Yeah...we'll see about that Mrs. Scaredy Cat!

V: Hey! I am not a scaredy cat!

Vi: Sure...sure...well see you soon when I get to tell him instead of you because your to scared *disappears*




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