I Can't Be Tamed

Violet Matthews was born on December the 1st, 1995. The day she was born she was very special but, also not special. She always got into trouble but, after she got in trouble she wondered what happened. As she got older, she found out every time she looked in a mirror, her evil self was there. Her name was Victoria she wore black and had black wings. On her 18th birthday. everything changed....


1. In the Beginning

In the beginning, a beautiful girl named Violet was born. But before she was born, while her mother was pregnant with her, Violet always put up a fight in her stomach with her other self, Victoria. They would fight over food and water. The day she was born it was difficult for Violet and Victoria to come out because the mother had natural birth. The mother lost so much blood that she died. Will it ever get better? 

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