My Best Friends' Best Friend

They've been best friends since the day they were born. Both born on the same day, August 29th 1993. They were inseparable. Never seen without one another.

When she was sick, he was right by her side. When he broke a bone, she never left him alone. Nothing was ever awkward with them. They would hold hands walking down the street. And would share milkshakes from Burger King.

They're mothers were best friends growing up. Which is how they knew each other. When she was 10 her family was in a car accident. A very bad accident. She was the only survivor. He never left her side once. They cried together every night for weeks. When she woke up screaming and crying, he would calm her down. She was left in the care of his mother when her family died. Which made them even closer.


2. Authors note

Hi, so this is my first movella and I would really appreciate it if you guys told me if you hated it or like it. If you do like it, just tell me when you want an update and I will try my best to update accordingly. Anndd if you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask. It doesn't matter what they're about ill try to answer those too. Okay well I hope you guys enjoy this story, if not tell me and majority rules so you guys don't be afraid to say how you feel about it

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