Love Story

inspired by the song - love story by taylor swift


4. Sneaked Out to the Garden

                               The moment I was home, I went straight to my room and slammed the door hard. I did that on purpose to show how much I was mad at my dad for interrupting my ever sweet romantic night. On our way home, he kept telling me that Romeo doesn’t fits to be with me. He said only could date a high-class guy who had the same level as my family. Ugh! I’m so sick of that excuse. I was alone in my room, on my bed hugging my purple teddy bear when I heard a knocked on my window. A sound like someone was throwing pebbles on my window. I got off the bed and went towards the balcony door. I looked out my door and saw something that really did put a smile on my face. He came back for me. He came back for me! I opened the door slowly and went outside.

                                “What are you doing here?!” I whisper-yell at him.

                                “I came back for you!” He replied. “C’mon! Come down here! Follow me!” he said, waving for me to come down.

                                “But how? I can’t jump it’s too high.”

                                “Climb down that pole over there,” he said, pointing at the pole near my balcony.

                                “Well…uhh…I’ll try. But what if I fall…”

                                 “I’ll catch you, baby.” I was melted by his words. It gave me more strength to climb down the pole. So, I climb over to the other side of the balcony. With one hand still gripping to the edge of the balcony, I reached for the pole and when I got a good hold of it, I jumped towards the pole and hang on it.

                                “Careful, baby.” I could see his face was full of suspense and worry. Slowly, I slide down the pole and when I was an inch away from the ground, I jumped and fell on him. We were on the ground. My head on his chest with my eyes closed and his arms wrapped around me, protecting me.

                                 “Am I still alive?” I asked. My heart was beating fast like a disco drum. I was too nervous! I’ve never jumped down from anything before.

                                 “Yes, sweetheart. You are,” he said to me and he was hardly breathing. “And you’re still on me.” Realizing that I was still on him, I quickly got up to my feet. “I’m so sorry,” I told him. I fixed my dress and my hair that was now looked like a mess. “I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do so I…”

                                 “It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m fine. No harm done, right?” He got up to his feet and smiled at me with his sweetest smile. Then, we saw someone was coming towards us holding a flashlight in his hand.

                                  “Damn it! That’s my security guard. What he’s doing here in the middle of the night?”

                                  “Guarding?” He giggled. “C’mon. Let’s get outta here. We need a place to hide.” Then, he took my hand and we ran off somewhere far from there, away from all the guards. So we sneaked out to garden and kept quiet because we’re dead if they knew. We sat under a tree and watched the moon that seemed to be smiling at us high up in the dark sky and surrounded by millions of stars that was shining brightly like a diamond.

                                   I rested my head on his shoulder and said, “Romeo, please take me somewhere we can be alone. Really alone. Together, just the two of us, forever.”

                                   “I wish I could. But now, it’s just not the right time for me to do that.” I lifted my head. His green eyes were staring straight into me, like it was pulling me closer to him. He licked his lips in a very seducing way. And I couldn’t resist that so I moved closer to his face and tilted my head to the side. I closed my eyes when suddenly his lips were on mine. Our hearts was beating as one. It was almost like we own the night. Like, nothing matters anymore. We kissed even deeper and deeper for a long time.

                                   When we pulled away, he looked at his watch and said, “Gosh, I’m already late.” He got up to his feet when I reached his hand and pulled him down again.

                                   “Where are you going, Romeo? What’s the rush?” I asked him in confusion, still holding his hand. Our hands fit like we were meant to be together.

                                   “I have to go, sweetheart. I got something that I must have it done.”

“Please take me with you, Romeo. Please. You are everything to me I’m begging you please don’t go.” I gripped his hand even tighter. I didn’t want him to go away. What if he didn’t come back? What if he found another woman who was prettier and way better than me?

                                   “I really want to take you along with me and it would be stupid not to do that but like I said it’s just not the right time now, Juliet.” He put his hand on my cheek and his eyes were full of sadness. He was sad to know that he had to leave me now. His hand was slowly slipping out of my gripped.

                                     “Come on,” he said while helping me up. “Let’s get you home.” The word ‘home’ just made me sick and felt like I’m going to vomit. I just want to be with him. With the guy I loved. With Romeo. The one and only Romeo. I could see through his eyes that it was hard for him too. Being apart from me.

                                       “But I don’t want to go home,” I said as I hugged him tight. My hands were wrapped around him and it felt so good. “I’m already home, with the one I loved. This is where I belong.” I whispered, face buried in his chest. I looked up at his face and put my hand where his heartbeat was and said, “in your heart is where I belong.”

                                        “I know, baby. I know.” He stroked my hair. “It hurts me to know that I have to let you go now. It really does. I want to be with you. Forever.” He kissed my hair.

                                      “I love you, Romeo.”

                                      “I love you too, Juliet.”

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