Love Story

inspired by the song - love story by taylor swift


2. Our Moment

            “Hello,” came a sweet sweet voice from behind, out of the blue. I was shocked by the voice and quickly turned around to see who it was. And it was him. The guy that I saw in the crowd. I rubbed my eyes a few times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. He just stood there and giving me the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen and it almost melt me. I stared into his hypnotizing green eyes that were staring back at me. His lips was so kissable and his light-brown hair was just perfect for his face.

            “I love the way your eyes are staring at me,” he said with a smile and snapping me out of my dreams. I was staring way too long, he even noticed.

            “Why thank you,” I replied. “And I love the way your eyes are shining in the dark.”

He just smiled and we were staring at each other with a feeling of never letting go.

            “So, what’s your name, pretty lady?” he said, breaking the silence. He took my hand and gently kissed it with his soft lips. I felt like fainting but I tried to stay calm.  I didn’t want to look overreacted.

            “Uhh…Juliet. Juliet Victoria. But u can call me Julie.” I smiled nervously like it was the first time I smiled in my life.

            “What a pretty name. As pretty as the owner,” he complimented. “I’m Romeo. Romeo DeStefano.” He introduced himself. I never thought his name could be as hot as he was.  “May I have the dance?” he asked, reaching out his hand for me.

            “Sure. Why not.” I took his hand and we stood close to each other. Really close, there’s barely a gap between us. My hands were wrapped around his neck and his hands wrapped around my waist. We were dancing under the moonlight with the slow song and the cold breeze blowing in my hair. His skin felt so warm on mine and I feel like we belong to each other.

              “I’ve never met someone who’s so pretty like you. You have such a beautiful eyes. Your lips, so red like a cherry,” he touched my lips with his finger. He stroked my cheek and sipped my hair behind my ear. “And your hair falls perfectly without even trying.” His voice was so romantic as the words came out of his mouth. “You’re so beautiful, like the angels in heaven, like the stars in the sky.” I could feel my cheeks getting red. I was blushing so hard.

             “Thanks. No one have ever said that to me before.” I stepped even closer to him now. Our nose touched and we were so close to kissing.

             “Then I’m glad that I’m the first to tell you all those things.” His hands around my waist getting tighter and so did my hands on his neck. It was like we owned the night. Then, he tilted his head and closed his eyes. I knew exactly what he was going to do and did the same thing. Our lips touched and we kissed. I could feel the sparks fly.

             “I love you, Juliet,” he told me when we pulled away from the long and passionate kiss.

             “I love you too, Romeo,” I replied and was about to kiss him again when…

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