Love Story

inspired by the song - love story by taylor swift


3. Losing Hope

                    “Juliet!!” called a rough and angry voice interrupting the sweet situation that I was in. “What are you doing here in the middle of the night?! You’ve reach your curfews!” It turned out to be my dad. “And who is this guy?” He looked at Romeo with an icky face like he’s some kind of a rubbish.

                    “Hi, I’m Romeo.” He reached out his hand for my dad but got ignored.

                    “Let’s go home!” He grabbed my hand and pulled me with him leaving Romeo alone behind me. I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye. I tried to look back at him over my shoulder but my dad was pulling me too fast and too hard.

                    Romeo’s friend came up from behind and put his hand around Romeo’s shoulder. “What are you doing with that girl, man?” He saw what happened at the balcony a few seconds ago. “She’s the billionaire’s daughter. You don’t fit with her, dude!”

                    “I know, man. I know.” He watched me go with disappointment. “But I really do love him so much.” My figure was getting smaller and smaller and finally disappeared in the dark.

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