Childish Adult

I didn't bother with the capitals today, don't pick at me because of it pleaaase?


1. Childish Adult

kick me to the ground, 
how much have you found
to justify your actions
and my reaction
to your accusations
that hold me
responsible for you? 
maybe i’d miss you,
maybe it’s all true, 
but i can’t miss someone
who’s still here
and will never leave. 
kiss me goodbye
hold me tight
draw away slowly
let go
let go and see
what happens
when you grow up. 
you’re dependent
but mature. 
is it hard to be a child
when the children are 
and smarter? 
a slight attraction
to someone who needs me
more than i 
need them. 
but i’m not a parent
a carer
or a guardian, 
and i can’t be held
responsible as such. 
i’d love to hold out
for a person to smile with
without balloons or a clown, 
with just me and nothing else. 
i’ll take your pain away, 
sing you to sleep
take the terrors
shake the spiders
beat the bullies, 
but only if you reciprocate, 
not retaliate
when i speak my mind.

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