Die In Your Arms

Best friends at first, but will they stay that way?


2. my birthday

Today is my birthday! I turn nineteen!!

I'm woken up by my family singing "happy birthday". I smile and open my eyes.


I blow out the candles. My mom hands me an envelope and they leave the room. I open the envelope and it reads:


We know how much you wanted to move out when you were nineteen, and we know how much you've always wanted to work at Starbucks. So congrats! Your house is in L.A. Just like you've always wanted! You also have a job at starbucks in L.A.! Your dad thought it would be nice if he threw in some money for you to get started in your new house. The first 3 monthly bills are already paid and in this envelope you will find 500,000. Happy birthday!!


I was kind of upset that I didn't get meet and greet tickets. I look more into the envelope. There is a key to my house, the congrats letter from Starbucks and, ticke- MEET AND GREET TICKETS! Oh how I love them. The money is behind the tickets. Oh there's another note. It says:


Surprise, surprise! Have fun at the meet and greet! Sorry we can't be here today and help you pack. But we had an urgent meeting! The movers will be there at 3:00. The house is already furnished except for your room. Behind this note is a map of L.A. But you can also use your g.p.s.

Love you! -mom

I'm used to my family not being here. But meet and greet tickets!? I freakin love them! I got in the shower and did my usual routine. When I'm done, I change into sweats and put my hair in a messy bun. I pack everything that I need and waited until the movers got here. When they do, I help them load up and then start driving to my house. The meet and greet isn't until tomorrow so I have time. When I get to my house, I help them take my stuff to my room and unpack. When I'm finished I start to get hungry so I grab my JB wallet and go out to the store. I buy food and drinks.  As I'm walking to the checkout line, I bump into this girl.

"Oh, I'm so so sorry!" I say as I help her up.


"Its ok. I'm Jillian, what's your name?"


"I'm Mekayla. I just moved here."


"Oh! You live right across the street from me!!"

"That's great! I already know someone from here! If you want to come over later go right ahead."


"Ok I will!" She smiles and waves bye.

I check out and head home. I start making lunch when I hear the doorbell ring. I open it and there's Jillian. She comes in and we talk and eat. When she leaves, I go right to bed and think. I don't have to go to work for another month so I'm free. Suddenly, my mind wonders to meeting Justin tomorrow. I fall asleep thinking about everything.


Authors note:

Sorry I was going fast pace at the end. I was getting rushed to get off the computer.if you want to be a coauthor just ask(:

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