Die In Your Arms

Best friends at first, but will they stay that way?


3. meet & greet

Mekayla's P.O.V.

I'm freaking out right now, the meet & greet is tonight, and I can't help but feel nervous. 
But at the same time, I feel like I'm riding a unicorn. 


I decided to take a shower, just to cool off. 
After that, I dressed in short jean shorts and a Believe concert t-shirt. 
I had cut the sleeves, and by accident, a little bit too much so the holes under my arms stopped just under my rib cage. 
I decided to put a black bandeau bra, so it wouldn't be the original one showing...

I curled my blonde hair, braiding and clipping my bangs to the side.
I applied light foundation, mascara and eye liner. 

I decided to call Jillian to see if she thought I was looking okay.
Soon enough, the doorbell rang loudly through my mansion, my feet padding towards the entrance. It flew open before I even reached the knob, okay?

Jillian came stumbling in, looking at me up and down. 
"Love it. Little tip, try not to fangirl." She smirked. 
"Noted, chief." I stood straight. 
"Dismiss soldier." She said in a manly voice. 

We laughed a bit, before I invited her in. 
I didn't really have anything to do for the next couple of hours, so it's always better with company. 

We had loads of fun, even embarrassing ourselves on YouTube. 
I suggest you don't try the accent challenge, it can become messy. 

Soon, I was left alone in my gigantic house. 
It all seems like a dream when you think about it. 

My own mansion in L.A, a job I've dreamt when I was a little girl. 
Starbucks, cheesy for many people, I guess it's what you see in movies. 
I've met an awesome girl, who happens to live across the street. 

But mainly, Justin Bieber meet & greet tickets. 
Honestly, I know my parents are rich, but this one, I hadn't seen it coming. 

I would always hope about having them, dreaming about our wedding. 
Crazy fangirl moment... 
But back to reality, my dream is coming true, all at once.

People would say reality hit like a ton of bricks.
Well mine hit like a beautiful unicorn ran over me, leaving cotton candy behind.
Ok... Awkward thoughts. 

I went on my laptop, deciding to kill the last hour left. 
Next thing I knew, I was receiving a Skype call. 

"Hi sweetheart!" My mother smiled. 
"Hey mom!" I smiled brightly, waving at the tiny camera. 

We had this mother-daughter conversation, which would get awkward at some point. You know, mothers...

I said my final goodbyes, telling her I had to leave for the show. 
Double checking my tickets, I nodded and slipped my khaki coloured TOMS on and my phone in my back pocket. 

I decided to walk, since the stadium is just a block away. 
When I arrived, I realized what an idiot I am. 
I'll have to walk back home... in the dark. 

I'll just have to think about it after the show. 
Once I was finally in the gigantic arena, I searched my seat in the second row. Well, most people were around the tip of the stage, including me. 
I had slipped the thin necklace with my V.I.P pass hanging at the end. 
Being well placed, I was just in front of the barrier. 


Sorry, after I played with my grandma, I kept saying that when I won something. Or, whatever you do in a victory reflex. 

The opening acts were good, well, Cody Simpson was. 

Then, out of no where, Kenny popped on stage. 
I screamed loudly with the other girls, my throat controlling my mind, not even the other way around. 
"Please, welcome, JUSTIN BIEBER!" He finished, my throat getting the best of me. 
I saw the screens at the top crack open, revealing the most perfect boy ever invented. 

Mr. Bean... Oh My Bean, so BEAU-TI-FUL!

I ment Justin, obviously. Everyone already knew. 
Soon, the dancers were unclipping him, and they were all busting sick dance moves, my phone pointing towards them. 
I swear, I was about to faint when he would do high notes. 
It's like if you take a fish out of water, it needs air. 
I needed air!

I'm sorry, but did you know that Justin Bieber without a shirt is a very beautiful view?
*Cough cough* Hot *Cough cough*. 

He said 'goodbye'. 
But you could now see Ryan Good on the screen. 
Before I knew it, he said a phrase that made the stadium shake.

"MAKE. SOME. NOISE!" He shouted. 

I bursted into screams, the arena tumbling under my feet. 
Justin came out again, singing two or three other songs. 

And it ended, for real I think. 

When I realized it did, I started making my way backstage, making sure my phone was present and my pass. 
Everything was good. 

I was the last in line, kind of sad, but still not complaining, I get to meet him. 

The line felt like it went on & on & on & on & on... You get it, like infinity. 
But it only took an hour actually. 

When Kenny made me go through the black curtains I always dreamt of trespassing, I saw the miracle of life standing in front of me. 
I smiled lightly, looking at him. 
He returned my favour. 

Don't faint Mekayla, you can pass this couple of minutes, with consciousness. 

"Hi." I said, my smile growing bigger every second. 
"Hi, what's your name?" He asked, his raspy tone making me smirk. 
"Mekayla, what about you?" I chuckled. 
"Yeah, I'm Will Smith." He said, popping his invisible collar.

I laughed at his actions, before we were asked to take a picture. 
They snapped a picture as he placed his snapback on my head. 

"Better." He smirked. 
"Wait, your hair." I said in disgust. 

He giggled, the cutest sound you'll ever hear in your entire life, I swear. 
I tried placing his hair back into place. 
Kind of hard if you ask me. 

"You know what, I don't care, let's just take the damn picture." I laughed. 
He returned my favour, and we posed normally.

Well, if you consider him on my back while pretending to to Gangnam Style normal, here's our new definition. 

"For five minutes, I had fun!" He smiled brightly. 
"You're kind of heavy, but I accept your compliment." I chuckled. 

And that's the most unexpected thing that I would've died if I wasn't leaning on a wall. 
"Mind if I get your number?" He asked sheepishly. 
"O-Of course not." I stuttered. 

I gave it to him, smiling as I left. 
That night, I didn't care walking in the dark. 
Because my thoughts were all on him...

Like always.


Well, I'm the new co-author :D
So, yeah, pretty much it :P


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