To my teachers

This is a thank you to all my teachers this year, you have been amazing. I might have some of you next year, but I can't be sure so I will write these "chapters" as if they were a near final goodbye. Thank you for an amazing year.


3. English

This might be cheesy and slightly sentimental, but I can't help it. When you got given that lovely card from the class, you might realize later on that I never got the chance to sign it, so here's my message to you.

The best teachers have a good heart,

But can be stern,

Ready to have a laugh,

Some-one that shows concern,


The best teachers can think,

They know what's best,

They know what needs work,

They put you to the test,


The best teachers are amazing at constructive criticism,

They phrase it just right,

They are delicate and careful,

And know how to avoid a fight.


You, Miss Ash,

Match all the criteria and more, 

You're one of the best teachers,

So after leaving your class my heart will be sore.

Thank you!!!!!

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