My Bad.

Maria was walking down the streets one day when something happened that changed her life. Could this guy possibly be the one? Maybe... Could he be faithful? Maybe... Will they go threw bumps on the road? Definitely.... Are they going to stay together threw the problems? Another Possibility... Does it have a happy ending? Possible...


1. Chapter 1.

Maria's P.O.V:

There I was walking down the streets late for work. I felt my phone vibrate, I took it from my pocket and saw that I had a text from my boss.

From: The Boss:

Where are you? This is not the first time you're late you know? You better be here in 15 minutes or you're fired!


Oh no! I'm at least 30 minutes far from the café. I can't be fired, I need the money. I began to ran as fast as possible, hoping that I could get there in time.

I was getting near the café. Maybe I can get there in time! I felt myself fall to the ground, I looked at whom I had bumped into and it was a guy wearing a black jacket, black jeans, black shades, and a black beanie. My phone and his where on the ground.

"I'm really sorry, I guess I wasn't looking." I heard him say with his thick Irish accent. I quickly got my phone from the ground and got up. "It's okay, bye."

And after that I kept running not looking back. I got to the café in 14 minutes.

Yes I did it! I got in only to find my boss waiting for me, clearly she was mad at me for being late for the hundredth time. You know it's not my fault I live an hour away from here.

"You're late again, if you keep getting here late you'll be fired soon." "I'm sorry but you know that I live far from here." "That's not an excuse, you can get out of your place earlier. I'm not going to fire you this time, but if you're late another time don't bother coming." and with that she walked back to her office.

I did my shift and then went back to my place. I turned my phone on and saw that I had 2 messages.

From: Mom.

Hey baby, I missed you so much! How was your day? When are you coming back? Call me as soon as you get the chance.

You're mom <3


That's strange, I visited my mom just yesterday and I remember that I saved her name as "Mommy <3". I know it sounds childish but it's not. I must have changed it.

I went to read the other text.

From: The Big Guy.

Hey Niall, it's Paul we have rehearsals on Monday, don't forget that okay? And please pick Zayn on your way thanks. 


Who is this "Paul" ? I think he has the wrong number. But it can't be possible since it's saved as 'The Big Guy'.

I check the contacts, and there were all wrong! Who were Curly, Tomo The Tomo, Dj Malik, and Leeyum?

I checked the pictures and that's what I feared, this phone wasn't mine. Where is my phone then? I then remembered the incident later today. I must have grabbed this guys phone instead of mine.

I need to get my phone back but how? I got it I'll call myself....




A/N: Helllo!!! So I hope you guys liked the first chapter if you have any ideas you'd like to share or any comments please leave some. Thank you if you read it and please tell me what did you think of it and if I could improve my writing in someway.



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