Adopted by One Direction

One D each adopt a thirteen year old girl , but how will each of them cope?


1. adoption



I can't believe it i'm actually getting adopted and so are my 4 best friends Crissie ,Molly , Renae , and Clareece.

I mean i can see why my friends would get adopted ; Clareece is beautiful, Molly is a genius , Crissie is REALLY talented and Renae is really likable . But i'm just a normal girl of average intelligence who has a few friends and isn't ugly or pretty.I'm really sad because i'm going to miss my friends .Clareece has been like a twin to me because we came on the same day ( to the orphanage ) and we new each other before are parents died in a fire together when we were at school (we were 5).Molly was at the orphanage before me ( because her parents were con artists that went to prison when she was 2) and she made me feel safe and helped stick up for me when i got picked on.Finally Crissie was very shy when she came to the orphanage at the age of 9 because she was abused by her parents , however she warmed to me straight away.And Renae was sent to orphanage at 1 day old after her mum tried to kill her in the hospital - we were friends because she was assigned to be my guide and helper when i first arrived.




Today i was informed that i was getting adopted and i was NOT happy about it because i can't even remember not being at the orphanage and it is like home to me .Also because i didn't get to see the adopters so i could hate them and most importantly I will miss my friends .They are also getting adopted today so i won't even get to visit them.




What are the chances of 5 13 years old girls getting adopted on the same day .1 getting adopted per year is quite unlikely so imaging 5 on the same day.Personally i think that beauty is a curse because not that i'm vain but i think that is why i'm being taken away from my friends with no notice on say in the matter.




I'm am packing to get adopted and my stomach is churning -what if i don't like them ( I am really shy.However that isn't the major disappointment - i was supposed to have singing lessons here in Cambridge but now i'm going to London i won't be able to have them.




OMG I'M GETTING ADOPTED - I MUST PACK .When i first found out i was getting adopted excitement got the better of me and i ran upstairs to pack.Then i realized that i only have a tattered pair of jeans a second hand tee shirt 1 jumper with stains on it and a thin coat - accompanied by some pumps with cars on them ( a hand me down from a boy who got adopted and left his shoes behind). I am actually wearing all the clothes mentioned and all else i have is a diary 3 books and a doll called Martha.I know a 13 year old girl having a dolly sounds babyish , but when your an orphan you need someone ( even if they aren't real) to comfort you and be your friend whatever happens.

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