The Hidden Power!


1. The Hidden Power

The Hidden Power – Competition

The hidden power is something that rose on Friday morning; it had just started as an ordinary day really. I would have spent my final day with my dear mum; she was in so much pain lately. After losing her two puppies to a house fire, and now losing her second son... It made me wonder why the world has been so cruel to her. The trenches back world war I had actually been filled with streams that had cracked on through to the battlefield. We’ve lost everything, and this power is all I hold...

“A Hidden power is a message son, it had been since 1883” My grand-father told me, he slept on his chair with his fists enclosed. I turned to face the room’s emptiness, the pure darkness sapping my life, throwing away all the nice things in life. Mother would have counted them, and I would have stood there with my chest held high. Facing the boiling lava’s that have broken through our lands. On TV, all we can watch is people... people falling into pits, and news reporters melting Live.

“A challenge you must, I’d retrieve all helms to save you son” Mother continued, she had the heart of an angel. The wings of a fairy, and the power of a well... a mum, and that’s not all, she had the war cry passed on through generations to bring out her breaths slowly. Nature has been cruel to us too, we’ve had to deal with the corpses and carcass’s of many animals just remains flooding in through the sewers. We’ve had rivers breaking down our front doors, chewing into our dirt plots.

Fruit and water has been hard to find for many years now, we’ve lost so much, and it’s all down to a power that can change my future. I’d behold the weapon of forces and light and the power of a god. Although saying that is certainly pushing boundaries, and much more risky than ever imagined. The hidden power said to be a legend is carried by me; grand father told me this earlier. “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. And that angel told me about some kind of forces” He replied, and he certainly sounded mental to say such a thing. I ignored his little words, and focused on something more important. The power and the holding of the power, it can be like a sword of some sort.

Our food supplies have become limited, and not even my hidden power can restore that. I beg to differ whether this power really exists. Grandfather had been a little nutty lately, he had the wing span of an angel, and well someone said that. Grandmother on the other hand told me something completely different, “It’s all a joke isn’t it” I asked her, and she would just nod slowly. The real challenge arose when I mentioned the power to my sister. “Ha-ha a hidden power, and what... you think you have this power?! Ha-ha” she giggled, mocking me with her loud laughs.

In just a few seconds I had snapped at her, I couldn’t face her making a mockery out of me. I’m a boy with a hidden power, and if grandfather thought so, who am I to say No to this? Our water supply is dying out too; the remaining gallons we have left will keep us alive for several more months. Mother ignored what the news had told us, she told us that the water will remain a value to our hearts. I questioned her mothering, it had been a little too over the top. Sister laughed at me again.

“We’re out of power, and we’re out of food and water, what makes you think we need a hidden power?” My step dad whispered, he too denied whether I had been right or wrong. He took my sisters side though, he thought it would be funny to keep me searching for a power. “Following your loopy grandfather advice again, huh son? Ha-ha” he continued laughing, calling grandfather loopy would have been a mistake if I were stronger. I faced the truth though, and still looked on for it.

The pipes had rusted above us, dropping more drips of warm dirty water. It had looked as if this water supply had mixed with rivers and anything else knows to make us ill. We found junk hidden inside the poor animal’s skulls, the remains looked old. So maybe it’s just us who can survive the treacherous heats and the powerful volcanoes erupting not far from here. I’d be damned if we lost my power sooner, and I still wanted to know what the power grandfather meant.

“The power you may be looking for, maybe it’s just a prank your loopy old man said” my step dad made another joke, and one more and this would be the boiling point for me. I believed that the hidden power is wrapped tightly, and has the spirit of an ox. I mentioned this to my sister, and she changed her mind of what to think. She wanted to know more, and told me information I never knew to begin with. Grandfather’s death certainly hasn’t fixed things in our stupid family...

“The spirit of an Ox you say, and the hidden power posses you?” My sister whispered, her fragile hands wrapped around my two wrists, she looked down at my fingertips making a strange sound. “What are you doing, sis?” I asked the strange sound she made caused my ears to lose hearing sort of. “It’s the sound of an Ox, and this is the slap of a liar” my sister giggled, whilst continuing her silly mentioning of an Ox. The slap was unexpected, and it hurt a lot. I just wanted to know my hidden power. And she would make jokes; slap me around my already taunted face.

Once she had slapped me, she continued talking about the Ox. “The slap is graceful in many ways brother, I’d know this because I’ve seen the hidden power you posses” she continued whispering in a low tone. I asked her another question, “When did you know this?” She ignored my question and explained that I posses a power of evil. “Personally, it’s in the wrong hands brother. I’ve seen the blood pour from your lips, and the suffering in your eyes” my sister sounded strange, I couldn’t believe what I am hearing; it didn’t sound like something a human being would say.

“Enough jokes now sis, I’m tired of you making a fool out of me” I replied, laughing with her slightly. She slapped me again, and I felt the pain sink through my veins. “Jokes and what then, I think you need to just break the orb inside of you. It could shatter along with bones” my sister replied, her silky hands slowly scrolling down my palms, she looked down at my fingertips again and continued her story. “Once the orb is broken, the hidden power will be revealed” she continued, I ignored her silly talk. Until she actually made a good point, something grandfather would have mentioned...

“The slaps is a power from an Ox, well it’s what grandfather taught me. I’ve seen the power of a vampire too, blood slowly dripping away downs his skin...” my sister paused, and then looked at me closely. Her eyes gazed into my slightly teary eyes, she let go of my hands and flicked me gently on my tongue. “Grandfather may have not told you everything...” she said, and I wondered whether or not grandfather was real. “Before you doubt him, you need to know why he left you bro” she spoke in a lower tone. Making less noise with her voice, she had changed her ways again.

“Enough and I think it’s time to move on. Night’ Night squirt” she replied, and that sounded more like my sister. So the power I posses is her mind? I questioned it further, and it didn’t add up. I changed my style to get closer to my sister; I wanted to know what she knew. The next morning I asked her if she remembered our little talk last night. “I remember when you sat there still, you freaked me out a lot little bro. I watched you hold the air, some kind of dust I thought”. 

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