Distant memories (Niall Horan fan fic)

"Emma" he sighs and I look up at him, he grabs my hand and pulls me into a hug. "I'm going to miss you. I'll come back, I will never forget you, or who you are. I will text you when I get the chance. And that's a promise." he says while my head is buried in his chest. "If you break that promise?" I lift my head from his chest, his sparkling eyes and smile peer down at me. "I wouldn't" he whispers and I wrap my arms tighter around him.

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1. Prologue

    Emma's Pov: "I can't believe you" I bite my nail and pace around the porch. "We are best friends and you don't decide to tell me this?" I shout and he looks away. "I-I'm sorry Emma" he says shyly, his voice shaky. I shake my head "Whatever" I huff and he looks at me his hands shoved in his jean pockets. "Please don't be mad." he says unsteadily, I walk towards the small white bench against the siding of the house. I plop down on the soft pillows, "You're mad" he sighs and sits next to me and I shrug. "You can't honestly be mad at me. this is my dream" he chuckles a little. "Who says I'm holding you back or stopping you" A gust of wind blows my hair back and slowly it falls back into place, he licks his lips. "So when are you leaving Niall?" I ask with a sharp tone. "Listen don't be mad" his blue icy eyes stare into mine. "fine" I sigh and lean back on the bench "Promise?" he holds out his pinkie and I let out a little laugh "Yes Niall" I intertwine my pinkie with his and he breathes out. "I'm um, leaving today." he flinches and I shoot up from the couch, I push my hair back with my hand and clench my jaw. "Are you fucking joking? Because if you are it's not funny" I snap and he jumps back, "Hey you promised you wouldn't be mad." He stands up and points his finger at me "Niall I'm not mad, I'm just upset and disappointed" I pause "You tell me you're leaving for the X-Factor, and you're leaving today. Who does that?" I put one hand on my hip, a tear rolls down my cheek. "This is not how I wanted to say good bye" he sighs scratching the back of his head. "Well maybe instead of being a dick and telling me today you could have told me a little more in advance." I cross my arms and he laughs.


    "Listen I'm sorry for not telling you but , I had no idea how you would react" he mumbles and I roll my eyes. "Well at least I would have time to say good bye, yeah I would be upset because my best friend since second or first grade is leaving me. And I wouldn't be acting like a bitch that's for sure" I walk to the steps, the wood creaking as I sit down. "You should have just told me Niall" I tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear. "Why do you care anyways?" he picks a rock up and throws it into the street. "Because, I know when you go on that show and you are going to make it because you're amazing, You will forget Niall. You will forget about me, all you will have is the memories but those fade away too" I shake my leg up and down. "Come on Emma you know I wouldn't forget you" he says sincerely and I move my hand on my lap. "We'll see if you bother to text me, or even try to keep in touch with me." I hesitate to continue "Let's say you become famous, texting me will be too hard. You would be busy with everything else so I think it's better off if we don't talk anymore." I sigh and Niall closes his hands into fists "Emma what the hell? Is that what you want?" I stand up and he gets close to my face and yells. I take a step back, holding the tears back which makes everything blurry. "I'm sorry Niall, I just think that's what's best" Niall's eyes become glassy from the tears. "I don't know if I can do that" he sighs running his hand through his blonde hair. "You spend most of your life with someone it's not easy to just let them go" he gulps and I turn my head away.


  "Emma" he sighs and I connect my eyes with his, he grabs my hand pulls me into a hug "I'm going to miss you so much" he wraps his arms around me. "I'll come back. I will never forget you, or who you are, and I will text you when I get the chance. And that's a promise" he says softly while my head is buried in his chest. "If you break that promise?" I lift my head up and stare into his sparkling, vibrant blue eyes. "I won't" he whispers.His smile peers down a me and I place my head in his chest again. I tighten my grip around him and he rubs his hand up and down my back. "Good bye Niall" I mumble in his chest, my tears soaking into his white shirt. "Good bye Emma" we pull away from the hug we look at each other and Niall leans in and kisses me. Our first kiss as friends, his lips are soft and gentle. He pulls away and I widen my eyes, a car horn beeps and Niall slowly walks down the steps. "I'm um, that's my ride" he doesn't know how to place the words, I nod still in shock. I watch as his he gets into the car, he waves and drives away further and further away until I can't see him anymore. I run inside and shut the door, I sprint up the steps and to my room. I slam the door shut, my soccer trophies wobble on my desk. I feel the tears stream down my face. I walk over to my jewelry box and open the top. I pull out my best friend bracelet, Niall and I had matching ones. I rub my thumb over the metal and look on the back, it's engraved. It says 'Niall my best friend" I shove the bracelet back into my jewelry box and slam it shut. I flop on my bed, my face in the pillows. How could he leave me? And Kiss me? What was that all about? I sigh and my phone vibrates. I turn to my night stand and look at the text. It's from Niall: 'Hey Emma, sorry about the whole kiss thing' I bite my lip, I still feel his touch. "its cool" I type back. He never responded back, I stare at the ceiling My best friend is gone. Now what?


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