One Day (Marcel Fanfic)

The nerd that proved everyone wrong. The nerd that became someone. Once Marcel leaves high school he becomes who he was always meant to be.


1. One Day

My name is Marcel, I'm picked on and ridiculed everyday. The kids don't like the way I dress. They hate my glasses. Not a day goes by I'm not bullied. Everyday I come home with a new cut or a new bruise. I never understood what it was that I did so wrong. I'm always so nice to everyone so I have no idea why they hate me so much. If I'm not getting bullied I'm getting used. All the popular kids copy my work. I'm so glad this is my last year left in this hell whole. Unlike all off them, I'm the one actually going somewhere in life. I have a 4.0 gpa. I'm a genius I can pratically be whatever I wanna be when I leave here. 

"Watch it nerd." 

"I'm sorry Danny, I didn't see you there." I apologize.  

Danny is the most beautiful girl I ever seen but just like all the rest she never gives me the time of day.

"How could you not. You're glasses are thick enough." She laughs as her friends join in.

"I just didn't, I'm sorry." I apolgize.

I bend down to pick my books up. I can't wait to get out of here. I can't to see their faces when I become someone. They all tease me saying I will be alone for the rest of my life, telling me no one will ever want someone as ugly as me. My mother always taught me it's not all about looks but what's inside that counts. I know one day someone will look pass my imperfections and see how good of a heart I have. Even the people that pick on me I don't hate them I just feel sorry for them. They're the ones that are never gonna amount to anything in life. I doubt half of them will even go to college once highschool is over with. 

"Don't let them people get to you Marcel, they're not worth it." Kristy my only friend says. 

"I know just a few more days."

"See that's the Marcel I know." She states trying to cheer me up. Prom is coming up and I wanna ask Danny even though I know she will say no I still wanna ask her. 

"You thinking about something." Kristy askes breaking me out of my thoughts. I nod my head.

"Well spill."

"I'm gonna ask Danny to prom." I say.

"Cel that's a bad idea."

"Look, I know you're trying to look out for me but I've been in love with Danny since the second grade. So I'm doing it."

"Fine suit yourself." She says and walks away from me. She hates Danny I think she even envies her. Kristy's bestfriend is nerd, Danny is popular everything Kristy is not and I know she hates it. The day comed to an end I push my glasses up and headed towards Danny's locker, she's a cheerleader so she stays after school. Atleast no one will be around to watch me suffer. I lightly tap her on her shoulder, she turns around to face me. 

"What do you want geek?" 

"I uhh I was uhh wondering if you uhh would like to go to uhh prom with me?" I stutter. I watch as Danny throws her head back in laughter, Kristy was right I shouldn't have asked her.

"You're kidding me right? No I will not go to prom with you." She snaps and pushes pass me. One day she will regret this. One day she will see I was the one. One day.

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