One Day (Marcel Fanfic)

The nerd that proved everyone wrong. The nerd that became someone. Once Marcel leaves high school he becomes who he was always meant to be.


2. daily routine

This is gonna be a fun one to write, hopefully you all agree. I'm loving it so far. Comment and let me know if I should continue with it or if I should just stop. Vote if you like it :]






I hang my head low as I watched her walk away. I get that I'm not popular, I get that I'm not the best looking guy but I would treat her better that any other guy possibly would. It really sucks that our society goes based on looks now a days. I don't think I'm that bad looking. I continue to hang my head low as I make my way towards the exit. As I walk passed the football field I hear people shouting and laughing at me, I'm guessing Danny told everyone that I asked her to prom. "Great another thing they can make fun of me for." I say to myself. I make my way to the parking, I'm thankful the bus didn't leave me. My house is pretty far from here.


"You know Marcel I can't keep waiting for you like this. The other students would like to go home." Miss Larsen says, She's my best driver.


"I know Miss Larsen it won't happen again."


"You tell me this all the time. I'm sorry Marcel but if it happens again I have no choice but to leave you."


"Yes, Miss Larsen." I whisper.


I turn away from her and head towards the back of the bus. On the way there people throw things at me like always and call me names. It's sad that I'm used to this by now, It's my daily routine. Most teenagers never want to be at home but I love it. There no one can bother me, there I'm never judged. My mother says I'm her pride and joy. I do everything in my power to make her proud. My father left when I was young, being raised by a women when your a boy is hard. I was never taught how to be a proper man, but I wouldn't say I'm doing a bad job at it. I go to school, I'm smart. I have a job at a near by bakery. I'm trying to save up for a car, I'm tired of taking the bus, plus once I leave for college, I'm gonna need one. Relief washes over me when I see that Miss Larsen as pulled up to my house. I swing my back bag over my shoulder and head towards the door. Again the same thing happens as I walk passed the ruthless teenagers.


"Thanks Miss Larsen." I state as I walk through the door.


She just smiles. She's a nice lady I know she doesn't want to leave me behind but she's only doing her job. She has a schedule to up hold so I completely understand. I make my way inside my house. I smell garlic coming from the kitchen Mom must be cooking. I head towards the kitchen, I clear my throat getting my mother's attention.


"Hey sweetie, I didn't hear you come in. How was school?"


"Same as always. I"ll be in my room can you call me when dinner is done?" I ask.


"Of course, it should be done soon." She states.


I make my way down the hall. I walk all the way down and come to a stop at the last door on the right. I throw my bag on the floor and head straight for my bed. It's really sad when your favorite place in the world is your own bed. I have work in a couple hours so I guess I will eat and head straight there. One good thing about working is Kristy works with me. Her parents own the bakery. One day I was helping Kristy make cupcakes for a social event. Barbra seen my excellent baking skills and offered me a job. I couldn't decline, she's too nice, plus I'm so close to getting my car. If it wasn't for her parents I wouldn't have my own money. I would be force to ask my mom for her money and my mother works hard to take care of me. I've been here for I wanna say twenty minutes before I hear my mom call me. I make my way down the hall and back to the kitchen. When I walk in my plates already made and set on the table. I walk over to my mom and place a kiss to the top of her. We eat and bicker about my day.


When I finish eating I head back to my room to change out of my vest. I put on a pair of black slacks and a white long sleeve. I grab my bag back, I figured if I get any free time at work I will study. I grab my phone and slide it in my pocket. I say my goodbyes to my mother and head to work. Good thing the bakery is only a few blocks away. Kristy is already there taking orders when I walk inside. I head to the back to hang my bag. I take the apron off it's rack and slip it over my head, I tie it and make my way upfront. While Kristy takes orders I write them down, some orders are for parties, other's are for right now. After about an hour the rush of the costumers start to die down. I grab the broom and sweep away the mess we created today. Kristy takes a rag and wipes down the cupcake cases.


"So how did it go?" She questions.


"Not so good."


"I told you not to ask her." She states.


"Just let it go." I beg.


"Okay Cel, here maybe a cupcake will cheer you up." She says as she waves a double chocolate cupcake in my face.


"Thanks but no thanks."


"Really? You're turning down your favorite kind of cupcake?" She questions.


I nod. The look on her face tells me she's up to something. I know her well enough to know when she is up to no good. She rushes at me and smashes the cupcake against my lips. I gasp and lick my lips. Her cupcakes are really the best.


"Did you really just do that?"


She nods innocently. I grab a near by cupcake and toss it at her, she ducks just in time and it smashes against the wall behind her. She shakes her head no, telling me I shouldn't have done that. We have a full out cupcake war by the time we're down the place is a mess and we are out of breath.


"Well that was fun." She giggles.


"Yea but this mess isn't Kristy Lynn, clean it up right now." Her mother shouts.


"Okay, okay mom. No need to get pissy."


"Sorry for getting you in trouble." I apologize, no matter what I always find myself apologizing.


"It's okay besides I started it and seeing your smile was worth it." She smirks.


I don't know what I would do without her. She makes my life a whole lot easier. I can talk to her about whatever. She knows so many of my secrets but she keeps them to herself. She knows everything there is to know about me. She never once judged me. She accepted me for me. She never asked me to be something I wasn't. I'm really thankful to call her my bestfriend. Due to our mess we ended up staying two hours later then what we were suppose. I just got down scrubbing the last bit of cupcake off of the wall.


"Cel you want a ride, It's gotten pretty cold out?" She askes.


"Yes, please."


We both make our way to the back. We hang up our aprons and grab our belongings. We head outside, She wasn't lying when she said it got colder. It must have dropped atleast twenty digrees. We make our way into her car she turns the heat un and turns the radio down.


"Sorry I forgot it was up that high." She apologizes.


"It's okay." I state as I uncover my ears.


We may be bestfriends but our taste in music in completely different. She likes heavy metal. I like soft rock. I don't see how she can listen to someone scream throughout the entire song. It makes me my want murder somebody.


"So what about prom?" She questions breaking me out of my thoughts.


"What about it? I'm not going."


"You're not going?" She askes confused.


"Yea, I mean what's the point Danny doesn't want to go with me."


"Forget about her, She's and idiot. Why not go together. We're always with one another anyways." She states.


"Hmm I guess that can work." I answer.


By the time I answer she's already pulled up to my house. I hug her good bye and tell her I will see her tomorrow at school. I make my way out of the car and into the house. When I get inside the only light showing me where I am going is the t.v. My mom must be in bed, she works crazy hours, She's a surgical nurse so she on call. They can call her whenever they need her. I decide against turning on the light. I shine my phone in front of me to light my path. I sigh in relief when I reach my room. Usually I'm a clumsy person, I'm surprised I didn't walk into anything. I strip out of my clothes. I like sleeping in my boxers. I set out my clothes for tomorrow. I head to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. Once I'm done I go back to my bedroom. I slip under the cover and set my glasses on my bed side table. I turn the light of and let sleep take over.


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