Friends and Fire

Sandy is a woman that has a secret lover for a long time. But now she is facing the consequences about that secret. Full of drama, romance and a diary-based book, you will enjoy "Friends and Fire" and even find some similarity during the reading, creating an extreme sympathy with the characters.

I can't promise a frequent update, but I'm sure that if I see more people enjoying the reading, will inspire me to write each time more and more.


1. Intro

The fact is that I could never hold myself. Every time that I saw him my legs would shake, my stomach looked like it was going to come out through my mouth and the time just stopped by. And in that exact moment nothing else mattered. It was just him and me. And that stupendous passion fire, that burned us out.


And it was always the same. When the eyes crossed, the mouths would burn in fire. And by the end all we could see was the clothes all around the room, the lipstick covering half of my face and the hairs, oh the hairs, so massed out. You could smell from the air what just had happened. It was so deep and so intense that not even the regret knocked the door by the end. It felt so right, because it was just pure passion and fire, just desire and realization. And looked like nothing would happened, that we would never have to face the consequences. But, unfortunately, that man wasn't my man. He belonged to me just for few minutes, until my clothes and my reality were back on.


One day the truth knocked on our door and we had to face the friends and the fire. And somedays it's just really hard to choose between one or another. You just want it all. But, tell me: can I have all? 

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