Someday I'll be better without you.

Zoey moves to England with her parents.. She has to leave all her friends behind, as well as her Boyfriend, Josh. Well, she isn't sad about leaving Josh. She used to love him, yes she really did. Until he started treating her like shit. She wasn't able to talk to other boys, or even look at them. When she meets Charlie, she finally stops thinking about all the horrible things Josh did to her, and starts to love again.
But what happens when Josh comes to England for a little visit?


7. Over thinking...

After reading that letter and having a good cry, I lay down in my bed . This wasn't how I expected things in England to be. I suddenly began to doubt everything that has happened in those few days. I kissed Charlie after 3 days. I saw Louis cheating on Sofie, who was sort of my bestie. And now I got a letter from ex-boyfriend because he found out I moved to England? 

I should have known that Josh would find me. Back in Dublin, we had fought all the time. It had always been the same. Something like that. 

'' Josh, please, just let me go to that Party, I won't cheat on you! I'd never do that!'' 

''Shut up B****. You won't go, and if you do, you'll regret it!''

'' Josh, you know what? we're done! You are such a Prick! I have my own Life to live!''

And by that point he would slap me across my face, and say 

'' I know you'll come back! Slu*! You need me''

and then he would leave. And he had always been right. Every time we had fought, I would call him after four or five days and ask him to take me back, because I was scared. Josh wasn't the nicest Person. 

He used to be, when we started dating, but after one month he had turned into a monster. But every time, I came crawling back to him. He threatened me all the time, whilest I didn't talk to him. he'd do it over Twitter Facebook or Tumblr. But he wasn't right this time. I would not take him back. never again. But I was scared as hell. What if he hurts somebody close to me? 

Maybe that was the reason I took everything here so far. I wanted to feel loved again. And Charlie gave me that feeling. But it was wrong. I knew it was.

I suddenly started to question my feelings for Charlie. 

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