Someday I'll be better without you.

Zoey moves to England with her parents.. She has to leave all her friends behind, as well as her Boyfriend, Josh. Well, she isn't sad about leaving Josh. She used to love him, yes she really did. Until he started treating her like shit. She wasn't able to talk to other boys, or even look at them. When she meets Charlie, she finally stops thinking about all the horrible things Josh did to her, and starts to love again.
But what happens when Josh comes to England for a little visit?


6. Letters..

And then we kissed. For the first time. It felt like Fireworks. It wasn't a rough kiss. It was perfect. 
It was really long. His lips tasted like strawberries. When we pulled away fater about 1 Minute, we looked at each other lovingly and he smiled. ''That was...'' ''..amazing.'' I said, finishing. He took my hand in his and we stood up. He put his arm around me and we walked home. I didn't want to, but my parents would worry. It was about 9 pm by now and I was nowhere near tired. He walked me home. At my doorstep, I turned around one last time and he gave me a quick peck on my cheek. I walked through the door, smiling like a Maniac. 
Mom was waiting for me in the Living room. She had a letter in her hand. ''Hello mom!'' I said cheerfully, still smiling widely. ''Hey Z, I think this letter is for you!'' she handed me the letter. I looked at it and immediately recognized the handwriting. I ran up the stairs and slammed my door. SHIT. It was Josh's handwriting. I slowly opened up the letter. 

Zoey, I don't know why you left without saying Goodbye, but trust me, you will regret it. You little B****.How could you do that to me. I will find you and you'll get your fucking punishment and nobody can keep me in Ireland while you are in Manchester snogging some other guy you B****. You'll better try to hide. If you tell anyone about this letter... I think you know what I am trying to say. Josh

Let''s just say I cried a lot after reading the letter.

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