Someday I'll be better without you.

Zoey moves to England with her parents.. She has to leave all her friends behind, as well as her Boyfriend, Josh. Well, she isn't sad about leaving Josh. She used to love him, yes she really did. Until he started treating her like shit. She wasn't able to talk to other boys, or even look at them. When she meets Charlie, she finally stops thinking about all the horrible things Josh did to her, and starts to love again.
But what happens when Josh comes to England for a little visit?


9. I need to tell you something..

''Well.. I'm going to head to my first class then.. I guess I'll see ya later?'' Wow, now it was getting extremely awkward. 

''yeah.. uhm me too. See ya later..''  Charlie said, before smiling at me, blushing and running off. 

I felt like I was in Primary school again. Oh my. 

I had my first class without Sofie, so I still had time to think about the exact way to tell her that her precious and super cute boyfriend cheated on her and I saw. What if she didn't believe me? 
She knew me three days now. I have no idea how long the relationship between her Louis and her had been before I've arrived here. What if she thinks I'm lying? 

I didn't have time to think about it any further, because the bell started ringing. My next class was PE. One of the classes I had with Sofie. I walked to the gym to get changed. Sofie was waiting for me in front of the big room where we could throw on our clothes for PE. 

What a cutie. 

''Zoey!'' she screamed and hugged me. 

''Hey Sofie!''

Shit, I had to tell her for fucks sake. But how to start a conversation like that?

Hey I'm sorry I saw your boyfriend snogging another girl! 

I didn't want to hurt her. I knew she loved him. 

''Hello? Zoey? are you even paying attention to me?'' she looked a little bit annoyed. 

''Yeah sorry, what were you saying?'' 

Our conversation lasted until our teacher stood in front of us, telling us what we should do. 

PE seemed to have flown by, because I soon found myself sitting next to Sofie at lunch. I still hadn't told her. 

We sat at the same table as yesterday, same people as yesterday.

Alright Zoey, just tell already.

''erm Sofie could I talk to you real quick?'' I looked at her. 

''Sure thing, common let's get outta here.'' Sofie smiled. 

She dragged me along with her. I could have cried, really. I was about to hurt one of the nicest persons on that planet. 

''Sofie I need to tell you something...'' 

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