I see you

About two strangers across the street. It's a bit jumpy, sorry.


1. I see you

I see you,

You see me,

We lock eyes,

Then quick look away,

Don’t want to be caught.

Looking astray,

From the task at hand,


You see me,

 I see you,

What more am I supposed to do,

We walk close,

But yet so far,

Don’t want to get to large a dose,

You are my drug,


I see you,

You see me.

Then quick as can be,

You are pulled away,

Into the crowd,

Looking like a lost stray,

You are gone,


You saw me,

I saw you,

There’s nothing more that I can do,

You left long ago,

I tried to find you,

But much to my woe,

I couldn’t,


I see you,

You see me,

Sitting just across the street,

Not long ago I remember,

Seeing you,

In a cold November,

Then I had to leave,


You see me,

I see you,

My emotions are askew,

When I watch you,

Watching me,

I wonder if your emotions are few,

Then you walk over.


I saw you,

You saw me,

We ended up friends,

Forever together,

My emotions are all over the place,

So I invited you over,

To see your face,

We need to talk.


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