Best Song Ever

I was outside my house when i heard my parents fighting. I stepped inside right when my dad threw a vase at me. Then everything went black. Wanna know the whole story then start reading my Crazy Mofos


1. Waking up

Karola's POV.

I was lying in my hospital bed when when a girl about my age was brought to the room. She was unconscious.her face was pale and motionless.''What happened to her?'' I asked the doctor, '' She was hit in the head with a vase'' the doc said when leaving.

I stared at the girl when her eye started to twitch. I pressed the red button next to my bed and the doctor came running in. ''Her eye twitched'' I said with a worried look on my face. '' She's starting to wake up'' th doc said with a smile on his face. ''I'll go call her parents'' The doc said while leaving. In matter of seconds th girl opened her eyes and looked at me ''Where am I ?'' the girl said while looking at me while looking around the room. ''You're in the hospital. You were hit in the head with a vase'' I explaned.


Edith's POV.

I woke up in a white room. I saw a girl next to me smiling '' Where am I ?'' I asked, ''You're in the hospital, You were hit in the head with a vase'' th girl  with the light brown hair said. I touched my head and felt a bandana on my head. It hurt really bad . '' What happened to yo ?'' I asked, ''I fell down the stairs for 5th time in two years'' she said while laughing, ''I'm really clumsy'' I smiled weakly. '' So what's your name ?'' she asked, ''Edith. Edith Grazer'', ''Well my name is Karola. Karola Kiilmann''She said while imitading James Bond. I laughed. The next moment my parents walked in. My dad had a sad look on his face. He came up to me and said '' I'm sorry'' I had confused look on my face. ''I'm the reason you're in the hospital. I'm the one accidentally threw the vase at your head'' He had tears in his eyes and a worried look on his face. '' It's okay'' I stood up and went to hug him. My mum left the room to ask the doc can i leave. She came back and said I have to go to check-up then i could leave. Before I left my mum said '' We have a suprise for you when you come back''. I left the room to go to the check-up. The doc said I was good to go. I went back to the room and parents were smiling like crazy. '' What made yo so happy?'' I asked, a confused look on my face. My mum took her hands off her back and  she had had 2 papers in her hands. I walked closer and saw these were One Fucking Direction tickets.'' OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG.............AAAAAAHHH'' I screamed '' Are these really 1D tickets ?'' I asked. I saw in the corner of my eyes that Karola was kinf of sad. '' Yeah, we knew how much you loved them so, here you go.'' She said while handing me the tickets.'' But why two ?'',''Well we thought you and your BF Ashley would go''. The girl in the other bed had her eyes down and a sad look on her face. '' No, I want Karola to come'' I said while smiling at her. Karola's face imidiatelly lit up.'' Well if that's what you want darling'' my mum said smiling.'' Well we better get going'',''Wait, Karola can I have your number so we can talk about the details?'' We changed numbers and I left waving to Karola.



This was my first time writing. So no hard feelings :)

I'm gonna write the story with my friends.

Like and favourite

Bye my Crazy Mofos.

-Karola <3

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