What About love?

Angie thought she found love. But what will she do when she finds out it was all a lie? All Austin wanted to do was win a bet but actually ended up falling for Angie.


9. I want you back


Its been a week since I've seen Angie. I miss her so much. She hasn't answered any of my calls or texts. "Hey Austin...has she talked to you yet?" Alex asked. "No" i said looking down sad. "I can't believe she found out...how did she find out?" he asked. "Dave thought she knew and it slipped out..." I said. I knew that because Dave told me. I sat down. "I can't believe I made that stupid bet!" I said upset at myself. 

"I have to go" I said as I stood up. 


"To get Angie back" I said as I walked out the door.


"No I don't want to go!" I said as I layed down. "Come on! It'll be fun!" Lexi said. "No I don't want to go on a double date with some guys you met! Im still heart broken." I said. My eyes watered. "It'll get your mind off Austin!" she said. "If I say yes can we stop talking about Austin?" I said. "yes" she said. "Fine!" I said as I stood up. I walked and got ready. 


I walked downstairs. I heard a knock at the door. I walked and opened it. It was Austin. "What are you doing here?" I asked as my eyes watered. 

"Angie! I miss you so much! I'm so sorry" he said. 

"Is this another bet you made with Alex?" I said sarcastically. 

"Please can't we just start over?"

"You know Austin, I miss you too...but I still can't just forget what you did! You played me! I thought we could actually become something. And this whole time you didn't even want me!"

"No I wanted you! I just didn't believe I'd fall for you! But then I did!" he said. 

"I got to go...i have a date..." I said as I walked past him to outside. 

"A date?" he said like it killed him to hear those words.

"Yeah a date" I stuttered out holding back the tears. I walked away.

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