What About love?

Angie thought she found love. But what will she do when she finds out it was all a lie? All Austin wanted to do was win a bet but actually ended up falling for Angie.


17. Exception


I put my phone in my pocket and looked at Alex and Lexi. "Hey" I said. "Hey what's up with Angie?" Lexi asked. "Nothing.." I said as I sat down. "Okay are you going to be like this the whole time she is gone!?" they both said. "Maybe" I moaned. "Come on let's go out! Let's go do something!" Lexi said. "like what?" I said. "I don't know anything!" she said. "Well there is this party that's happening....but that's this Friday" he said. "Okay well it's Wednesday!" I said. "Well why don't we go bowling or something!" Alex said. "Okay fine I'll go get ready" I said. I walked upstairs to get ready. 


I sat at the table awkwardly. "So Angie" my father said. 

"what do you feel like doing today?"

I looked up at him then turned and looked at her. "I don't know about today...but I wanted to go shopping and do stuff with you" I said. 

"Well maybe we can go shopping then go to see a movie" my dad said. I knew my dad hated shopping and that kinda godly stuff. Because I dought he wanted to go to the movies to see a chick flick. "After breakfast we'll head out" he said. I smiled. And continued eating. 


I walked into my room. And changed. I walked downstairs. They were talking. I didn't walk all the way down. I heard them whispering. 

"When are we going to tell him!" he said. 

"We can't! At least not now! I think Angie should know too!" she said. I walked a little down to see them. They were looking at each other holding hands. 

"But babe," Alex said. "I love you! And that's why I don't think we should tell the yet until it gets a little more serious!" she said. Then they kissed! They are dating? Why couldn't they tell me and Angie??

I walked downstairs after they were done kissing. I caught them by surprise. "Okay! Ready to go!" Lexi jumped. "Yeah let's go" I said. We walked out.


After we finished breakfast. I walked into the room and got ready to go shopping. We all drive to the mall. We walked in. Sadly Maredith came with us. "comon dad lets go into this store" I said as I pulled him in. I grabbed this cute dress. Dad got a call. "Yeah, no problem" he said then hung up. An that's when he looked at me and gave me...the look. "I have to go" he said. "Really!" I said upset. "Trust me you and meridith will have fun without me! Bye princess" he said as he kissed my forehead. Then he kissed Meridth an left. "That dress is pretty" she said. "Yeah..." I said as I took a huge sigh. We walked down to another store. "She was looking throug the clothes. I walked up and saw a tantop with the infinity sign that said Mahomie. I smiled. It reminded me of Austin. I missed him so much! My eyes watered a little. "Cute tank" she said as she walked up from behind me. "Yeah" I said. "Want starbucks?" she asked. I think she had seen my eyes water. "Yeah" I said. We walked to Starbucks.


We got to the bowling place. We got our shoes and our lane. "So Alex.." I said. "Yeah?" he asked. "Maybe I could help you get a girlfriend" I said. "No I'm cool" he said. I saw Lexi look at him in not a happy way. I smiled. "No I dont really want a girlfriend right now" he said. "It's okay don't worry I'll get you some numbers tonight" I said. Let's see if I could break them into telling me.


We got our Starbucks and sat down. "So..." she said as she had nothing to say. I smiled. "So how did you meet my dad?" I asked. "Well your dad is a really funny guy..and he had known me from highschool. We had dated a little in highschool. Then he called me up one day. And we went on dates..." she said. "So how old we're you two when you dated?" I asked. "He was 17 an I was 16" she said. I smiled to myself an took a drink. "Do you have a special someone?" he asked smiling. "Yeah...actually I do..." I said. "Name?" she said. "Austin..we barely got together when I left...and now were are apart..." I said. Now sad. "I hope you guys make it work. Maybe me and your....your dad can meet him" she corrected herself. "Yeah and you could meet him too...because you opinion about him matters too" I smiled. "Now let's keep shopping" I said as I stood up. She smiled. We walked into another store. 


I saw a girl talking to her friends. I walked up to her. "Hey" I said. "Hi" she said as she turned around. She smiled. "I was wondering if you maybe like my friend" I said. "He's cute but I like you" she said as she smiled. I walked back. "Nevermind". I said then walked away. "so this plan isn't going to work so well" I laughed. "What plan?" Lexi asked. "I know you two are dating! I heard you too" I said. "Yeah we wanted t o tell you but" Alex said. "It's cool you don't have to explain I get it" I said. "So what happened with that girl?" he asked. "I have no idea!" I laughed. Then a girl walked up to us. I think she was a friend of the other girl. "Here he wanted me to give you this" she said as she handed me a paper with a phone number on it. "That's what happened" I laughed.

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