What About love?

Angie thought she found love. But what will she do when she finds out it was all a lie? All Austin wanted to do was win a bet but actually ended up falling for Angie.


12. Big news.


Lexi walked in. "Hey" she said upset. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Well you know zack... One of the guys we went on a date with yesterday?" she asked. "Yeah" I said. "Well it didn't work out between us..." she said. "Don't worry there will be more cute guys that like you" I said. She smiled. 

"so what happens with you and Austin?" he asked.

"Nothing...we just stay friends.." I said as I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know...Wont it be weird" she said. 

"No...we can just be friends" I said unsure.


"And then she told me she just wants to be friends! How am I suppose to do that!" I said. "Don't worry you guys were meant to be it'll all work out" Alex said. "I really hope so" I said. "Okay common we got to go" Alex said. "Okay" I said. We walked out. 



I walked to Lexi. "hey" I smiled. "You seem pretty happy" she said. "I actually am.." I said. "Why?" she asked. "Because! I got big news!" I said excited. "Oh my gosh what is it!" Lexi said. "I think we should tell Alex and Austin too..so I'll call them to dinner tonight" I said smiling. "Okay fine I guess I'll wait" she said. "Okay good" I said happy. 


I grabbed my phone and looked at it. I had gotten a text from Angie. "hey Alex did you get the text from Angie too?" I asked him. "Yeah about the big news?" he asked. "That's the one" I said. 

I replied: yeah sure see you tonight:)

She replied:okay cool:)

I smiled. 



Me and Lexi sat there waiting for the boys. Then we finally saw them walk in. "Hey" they said and sat down. Austin sat next to me and Alex sat next to Lexi. "Sowhats the big news?" Alex asked. "Well...." I said smiling. "I'm going to New York!" I said. "For what?" Austin asked upset. "To see my dad" I said. "How long are you going to be gone?" Lexi asked. "Two Months" I said. "That's inane" Austin said as he stood up and walked away. 

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