What About love?

Angie thought she found love. But what will she do when she finds out it was all a lie? All Austin wanted to do was win a bet but actually ended up falling for Angie.


16. Being apart


I ran up to my dad and hugged him tight. "Princess your here" he said. "Dad" I said as I let go of the hug and grabbed my bags. "Okay so let me show you your room" he said. He led me to a room. I grabbed my bags and walked in. It was a pink room. It had stuffed animals. "This was your old room" he said smiling. I smiled. "It looks beautiful" I smiled. I sat on the bed and put my bags down. 

"Honey!" I heard a lady voice say. "Yes" my father said. He walked back to the hall. Who was the woman? I walked out. "hi" I said when I saw this tall woman with blonde hair. I looked at my father. "Who's this?" I asked. 

"Angie this is Meradith, my fiancé" he said. I froze.


I walked down to Lexi and Alex. "It's been three days since Angie was gone" I said upset. "I miss her too" Lexi said. "Should I call her?" I asked. "There's a time difference! She will probably be asleep!" Alex said. 

"Yeah" Lexi agreed. 

"I just miss her!...a lot!" I said. I sat down. "Don't worry she'll be back!" Alex said. "Okay" I said. "Call her later" Lexi said. "Okay I will" I smiled trying to cheer up. 


Maradith walked away after saying hi and stuff. "You got remarried!" I said upset. "It was time for me too move on!" he said. "Dad! It's only been a year!" I said. "I know but I heard your mother has moved on as well!" he said. "She's dating not getting married!" I said. "I really thought you'd be happy for me" he said. I didn't say a word. "It's getting late. I better get to sleep" I said. I walked into the room and shut the door. 


I woke up to the soun of my phone ringing. I could tell it was Austin by the ringtone. "Hello" I said in my cracked morning voice. I cleared my throat. "Hey babe" he said. "Hey" I smiled. "I miss you. And I didn't know when to call you because of the time difference." he said. I smiled. "Well right now it's seven thirty in my time" I said as I looked at the alarm clock next to the bed. "Well good morning beautiful" he said. I smiled. "Angie!" I heard someone call. "I have to go bye love you" I said. "Love you too" he said. I hung up. I walked into the kitchen and saw the lady cooking. I rolled my eyes.

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