What About love?

Angie thought she found love. But what will she do when she finds out it was all a lie? All Austin wanted to do was win a bet but actually ended up falling for Angie.


10. All I can think about is you

I walked into the car. A tear fell down my face. I wiped my eyes. I heard Lexi get in the car. "Hey who was that?" she asked. 


"Do you want me to go talk to him?"

"No it's fine. I already talked to him..." I mumbled.

"Okay let's go" she said. 

We drove to the resteraunt. We got there. "There they are" Lexi said as she pointed to two guys sitting at a table. We sat down. 

"Angie, this is Zack and Anthony" Lexi said pointing to them. "Hey" they both said. I noticed Lexi was into Zack. So I guess Anothony was suppose to be mine. I faked a smile. The waiter came. "Are you ready to order?" he asked. "Yeah" Zack said. We ordered. Then our food came. Anthony had something with grapes in it. I smiled. 


We went back to the picnic. "So what did you pack to eat?" I asked. "Fruit" Austin said. "Cool" I said. I opened the basket. I saw a container. It had fruit in it. There were grapes in there. I laughed. "Lets see how much you can make in your mouth!" I giggled. "Okay go" he said. I grabbed a grape and threw i and try to make it into Austin's mouth. I giggled. I missed and it hit his noise. We laughed. "Again" I said. I tried again but missed again. I threw another and make it. "yay" I giggled. He laughed and smiled. He leaned in and kissed me.

<end of FLASHBACK>

My eyes watered. Lexi looked at me. "You okay?" she whispered to me. "Yeah" I stuttered out. "I'm fine" I said. "So How did you and Zack and Anthony meet?" I asked Lexi. "So I knew Anthony's sister and I had kinda knew Zack. And then I met Anthony." she said. "Cool" I said. "Yeah...bacuase you made me give you piggy back ride" Anthony laughed. "Hahaha yeah my feet hurt" she laughed. 


"Come lets go" Austin said holding my hand. "Tonight was...great" I said. "Your feet hurt?" he asked. "Kinda why?" I asked. "Get on my back" he smiled. I smiled and jumped on. I kissed him on the cheek. "Tonight was great...because I was with you" he said. We walked to the car. "Awwww Austin" I said. He out me down. I smiled and kissed him. 

<end of FLASHBACK>

I stood up. "Angie?" Lexi asked. "I got to go...sorry" I said as I walked away. I walked outside. I grabbed my phone and called Austin.

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