Death... Ways about it.


1. Games

Living, a game played by death. It watches you move and roll and move again and then cheats. It allows you to think you have won, survived. But, no, death cheats, plays tricks on you. It watches you struggle and plead for help while it tricks you some more. Illness, love it is all a trick leading you to death but we go along with it and play death's funny little game. Why? Because we a vunrable, easy to trick. Helpless to the game it plays. It laughs at the thought that we are born to die. Not born to live. Why does it want us to live in a world of war and hunger. Death uses it's 'game' to keep us away from what we fear the most. Death does not need to be feared... unless you make death angry.  Cheat at it's own game, play the wrong hand, trick who should be tricked. Anger.  

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