Deaths Memories

What happens after death takes you? A question everybody wants to know. A question that people will sacrifice everything for.


2. Memories

Before he takes you Death looks through your memories. Whilst your lying on your death bed and thinking about all the things you've achieved in life and what you could have done to improve your life. He takes them. Death stores them, keeps them, for safekeeping. That's when you start to lose your memory, lose everything you've ever learnt throughout your whole life. But you don't worry. You have no need to. You know then Death has chosen you, chosen you out of over 70,000 people. And you know Death will look after you, he will show you your memories one day. And he will allow you up into Heaven one day. But for now he will watch you still.

He gives you a pass into the world on which you used to live. He will guide you to your family and you begin to sob. You see the picture of all of your family together, including you. But without realizing you have been gone a year. Two years. Three years. And slowly you notice that you have drifted away, out of the family pictures, out of the family. So again Death takes you back into his world, not too far from Heaven. He puts his skeleton arm around your shoulders as you curl into a ball and cry as you begin to realize you don't belong there anymore. But you forever long in their memories. You hear them pray for you, you hear them beg for you.

So out of the kindness of Deaths cold heart, he gives you another pass to your old family. So you can make an appearance. Make their wishes come true.  And you present yourself in your old family home. Showing yourself to your family members one by one. Subtly. Death is fair. You gain your happiness and now is the time for Death to return you again, back into his world. You beg not to go but he has chosen you again. He keeps secrets. He wants to show you all of your memories, happy and sad ones. He grabs them brushes them off slightly and gently passes them to you. You flick through them, paying attention to every little detail. You see the family members that had died before you. The ones you mourned over. And then you realize. You realize your mourning gave him the energy to take to. You become filled with rage.

But he quickly transports you back onto the Earth, back with your family. And  you hear a voice. Calling your name. You see your sister crying, calling for you. She is desperate for you. She needs your help. She wishes herself dead. Death hears the call and infects her. Gives her a terrible disease, but it's one she can fight through. You think Death is crazy, you go berserk.  You then slowly accept that maybe she will be put together with you. And you can be a small family together again. But she ends up in Hospital, fatally ill. Pale white face, skinny, her hair is thin and raggedy. She acts fine but she is quietly begging for Death to let her pull through. She asks you to help her fight Death but you can't. You have had so much from Death but you must ask him one favor, to take your sister off of the Earth and bring her into Deaths world. Deny her wish. And then you gain the courage to ask him one more wish. After she has been in his world for a day 'please send me to Heaven. I'm ready.'you say. You realize that's what has really been missing. You needed to move on. And from under the large black cloak you see a smile and a small tear as he relpys 'that's all you needed to ask.' 

A stairway appears from underneath you as your sister climbs up. Weak. you run to help her and stay for a just for a day with her. You explain to Death all about her and you explain to her all about Death.

You give Death a hug and smile and then go from Death to your sister give her a hug. Smile. And a tear rolls down your rosy red cheek as you tell her 'everything will be alright. I love you.' A staircase magically appears from the clouds above and you climb up them. You look up and see your family looking down at you from Heaven. Your going to Heaven. You glance at Death and your sister, smile, then make you way up the stairs. Up to Heaven.

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