Deaths Memories

What happens after death takes you? A question everybody wants to know. A question that people will sacrifice everything for.


1. Death

In a world of killers. In a world of pain. Constantly. Forever.Always. Questions unanswered. People gone. Why me? Why you? Why us?...

Everybody, born to die... Born to be taken by Death. Or are we? Are we here to challenge Death people ask? NO! You don't want to anger him. He will shorten your life. Give you what you deserve. Take away what you are meant to lose. Subtract Death from the equation and perfect. You think anyway. Subtract Death and he comes back stronger. Bigger. He will take the ones you love. The ones you hate. He will leave you to suffer. Alone. In a big world with just enough for you to keep yourself alive. For at least another 15 years this may seem like a long time but think how small of a fraction of your life this truly is . But he will torture you. Taunt you. Haunt you

Just until your time has come. Just until your life becomes perfect. Then he will destroy you. Subtract you from the equation. And leave your new love alone. For the circle to continue. For the circle of Death to come back around.

He waits, he watches. Just until you have faith in the world. Till you gain confidence. Till you gain strength, enough strength to fight. Fight. Fight for your life, protect yourself. Enough strength that you convince yourself you can conquer the world.

He picks you out one by one with long, boney skeleton fingers. Whats the point? Why should you live? So that you can make Death stronger. Death gains more strength each time he takes away the ones you love. And the more you mourn over them the more energy you let leave from you, the more energy you willingly give to Death. Free. No charge. No catch, except one more person gone from the world. For more space for others to be born into this earth. For Death to take, when their time has come.

But Death is fair, Death is always right. He knows when to choose you. He watches everybody every second of everyday. Waiting... For you to be that little less confident, have that little less hope, to have a little less courage. Waiting... Waiting for the moment you just want to go. The moment you are begging for him to take you. Waiting till you are desperate for your long lost, dead family. And Death will leave you. Leave you. The less power you have the more he has, the less you want to live the more reason you are freely giving him to leave you there. To suffer. Beg. Beg for confidence, hope, courage, faith, happiness, love. He waits for your heart to be filled, filled with love and happiness having that faithful partner. There to watch over you. Death is never sympathetic he just does the job, gets it over and done with.

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