One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


12. Zayn The College Teacher c;

~Dirty Zayn c;~

"YN, your very behind" Your college lecturer spoke quietly to you as the rest of the class cleared their course work and left the hall.

"I know Sir I-"

"Please, call me Zayn YN" Mr.Malik spoke. “Look, why don’t you stay behind and I’ll help you with your vase plan?" He offered.

"Okay thanks Mr.M… errr I mean Zayn" You say blushing a little. You take out your half drawn plan for your vase and pass it over to Mr.Malik.

"It’s good YN, I think it reflects you" He says looking at the hourglass shaped vase you had sketched.

"Thanks, my other corse work has a winter theme so I was thinking of continuing that with this piece too" You explain.

"Yes good idea, a snow lake design would look great I think" Zayn started to mutter to himself getting other sheets of paper and drawing a range of different designs for me to consider.

"Thats great, thanks for helping me Zayn" You say and he smiles.

"You know, I could help you start with your base if you like? I know if you include a clay prototype that they will push your final grade up one" He informed me.

"Well if it will help my grade then sure" You say.

"Sure it will" Zayn said sitting on the stool beside the clay table and starting the wheel up. You grab a lump of clay and slam it on the table so it will stick. “Just sit here" Zayn motioned to the space in front of him. You were hesitant but swung a leg around and sat in front of him. He shuffled forward so his knees were beside yours and his crotch was against your a/ss.

Your breathe hitched when his arms snaked around your waist and placed his tigers on top of yours. His hands moulded into your and they in turn helped you mould the clay as the table spun around.

You couldn’t help but feel naughty, this was wrong, you were a student and he was a teacher but in college the teacher and student age gap was closers together. You recon he was around 25 and you were 18, there wasn’t that big of a gap.

"We need to get the waist line more prominent" Zayn spoke snapping you out of your day-dream.

"Sorry, what?" You question.

"I said I thought it reflected you. The shape of the vase is like your body, heavy at the top, thin waist and curves to die for" Zayn said, his mouth right beside your ear and you blushed.

"So….sexy" he muttered.

"Err thanks" You said and felt your cheeks heat up more. He coughed and shuffled around a little, you took that as a sign you weren’t meant to hear what he said.

"I can’t hold back any longer YN" Zayn said and you you felt wet lips press against your neck. You sat frozen with your hands still holding the clay in place as Zayn’s hands dipped into the water to rid of the excess clay then ran up and down your thighs, dangerously close to your v/agina.

You let out a moan as his tongue flicks against your skin and his teeth mark you as his. He takes your hands in his again, dipping them in the water basin then placing them on his thighs behind you. You run them up and down his thighs then use them to support your weigh as you lift your a/ss up and rotate your hips on his lap.

"S/hit" Zayn breathed out, his hands gripping your hips and making them grind at a faster and harder pace. “If you keep this up" Zan whispered behind your ear making you shiver “I’ll be coming before you even take off your clothes"

He hands grabbed you, lifting you up and standing with you in his hands. You shared quick kisses and shed clothes until your both in your underwear. Zayn hoisted you up and placed you on the table. He pulled off your underwear and stuck his tongue in your p/ussy.

"Ughh Zayn, just f/uck me already" You whine.

"I’m just making sure your loose enough for me to even get in" He mumbled against your p/ussy lips making you moan again. He sat up quickly after slurping at your wetness and pulled down his boxers. He lifted your legs and you gave his a confused look. He kisses the backs of your legs, down the calfs and up to your toes, sucking on them. He then placed them on his shoulder, quickly rolled on a c/ondom and thrust into you.

"S/hit!" You shout surprised at his size and length. You had never been f/ucked in this position but it felt great Zayn’s chest was leaning against the backs of your legs as he gave long. hard thrusts into your p/ussy.

"Play with those gorgeous t/its of yours" He commanded reaching over to tug of your bra. You sit up slightly, he catches your lips in a kiss while you unclasp your bra and throw it somewhere else in the room. You sat back down and tugged on your n/ipples, moaning at the pleasure caused.

"I’m getting close" Zayn said pushing your legs further down so he could f/uck you deeper and so he could reach your n/ipples to suck.

You felt the familiar ball of fire approaching but this orgasm was different. It felt like you ran straight into a brick wall. The sudden rush of pain was like the pleasure you received as you reached the high and moaned out “Zayn! God, Yes"

"Ughhh" Zayn moaned, his thrusts turning sloppy and lips pressed against yours.

"Could we make this a weekly thing?" Zayn asked still in f/ucking position as he chuckled.

You giggled and admit “Sure I need all the help I can get, with my art coursework and sexual desires"

"Mmmm so sexy" Zayn moaned looking down at you and buries his face in your b/oobs. You laugh and push him off.

"So why a winter theme? I’m curious" Zayn admitted while you both reclothed.

"It’s different, most people hate winter and can’t wait for summer but I think winter is the best season" You explain.

"Interesting, perhaps you could explain more to me about winter over coffee?" He asked scratching the back of his neck.

"Like a date?" You teased.

"Well, if you want I ..errr.. if you don’t-"

"I would, as long as it’s Costa" You say bargaining with him.

"You’ve got a deal little lady" He said holding the door open for you. You walk out and he pats your a/ss smirking down at you.

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