One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


81. Zac Efron.

Niall: “So glad to finally meet you,” Zac Efron gives your boyfriend a bro hug. “You too, mate. I’m a huge fan,” Niall is all cool, calm, and collected whilst you think you’re about to pass out. Zac Efron is standing two feet away from you wearing a suit. Dear Lord. “An this is me girlfriend, Y/N,” Niall introduces you. You smile shyly, hoping your face isn’t too red. “Nice to meet you also,” Zac pulls you in to a short lived hug before he’s moving on to the next guest at his movie premiere. “Niall,” You grab onto his arm. “Zac Efron just hugged me. A celebrity just hugged me. ” Niall doesn’t look too keen on Zac now. “What am I a ham sandwich?” You’re too dazed to answer, and Niall makes sure to keep you as far away as possible from Zac the whole night. When Zac happens to wander too close Niall’s got an arm tight around your waist protectively pulling you close to him.

Harry: “Oh baby,” You say. “Yes, love?” Harry looks up from his phone. “Not you. Him.” You point at the screen where Zac Efron doesn’t have a shirt on. Harry squints at the site, his lips tugging down at the corners. “Hmm,” Is all he says. You don’t notice his jealousy because you’re too wrapped up in Zac Efron’s abs. Very slowly Harry is shifting so he’s able to place his lips on your neck, kissing you right on your sweet spot. His lips make a line to your lips, and he’s kissing you so intensely that the movie is quickly forgotten. You moan slightly against his mouth, and Harry smirks. “Bet Zac can’t make you do that.”

Louis: “Who?” Louis’ face scrunches in confusion. “Zac Efron. He would make the perfect you in a movie.” Louis makes another face, “The gay guy from High School Musical?” You roll your eyes at him. “He is not gay, Lou.” “Yeah, yeah. We look absolutely nothing alike, though.” “So?” You shrug. “You’re both hot.” Louis raises his eyebrows at you as if you’d just suggested Meryl Streep play him. “I think you meant to say, Louis Tomlinson is the hottest guy in the world.” He starts tickling your sides, “C’mon babe. Say it and I’ll stop.” But you can’t get any words out around your laughter, and Louis just keeps on tickling.

Liam: “Zac. McDreamy. Efron.,” You punctuate each word with a kiss against Liam’s lips. His lips droop into an adorable pout, “So you’re saying you’d choose him over me?” You smile cheekily at him, “Duh.” Liam’s arm flex around you, “He’d have to come through me first. I’m batman you know.” “Just kidding, Li. He’s just my celebrity crush.” You try to kiss away the pout. “But,” A sudden thought occurs to Liam. “I’m a celebrity. Shouldn’t I be your crush?” You tilt your head, thinking it over. “Nah.” Liam crushes you into a hug screaming, “Darn you Zac Afro.”

Zayn: “What is this?” You hold the magazine up to him. He squints trying to read the small print, anger starting to pull at his features. “Is it another rumor? Babe, I told you to stop reading that shit…” “It’s not that,” You push the magazine closer to him. “You didn’t tell me you met Zac Efron!” He looks at the picture of him and the sexy American actor. “Yeah. He’s cool. Nice guy.” Zayn says casually. “And it never occurred you to tell me? ‘Uh yeah babe I met Zac Efron today.’” You imitate Zayn’s voice. He pursed his lips at you, “I forgot, alright. No biggie.” “Yes biggie. Zac Efron is the like the hottest actor ever, but of course you’re much hotter babe.” You say quickly, seeing the unamused look on Zayn’s face.

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