One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


9. You''re Little And Have A Crush On Another Memeber

~His POV~

Liam; We all sat around the fire as Niall played the guitar. (Y/N) was curled in a blanket sitting on my lap being mesmerized by Niall’s playing. “Ni Ni" (Y/N) said. “Yes?" “Will you play me a special song?" “Of course,sweetie." And with that Niall began playing (Y/F/S). As the night grew on, (Y/N) slowly fell asleep. Right before she fell asleep she whispered “Li?" “Yes baby?" “Do you ever think Ni Ni would be my boyfriend? He did play me a special song" Everyone stopped and smiled. “I don’t know baby, you just have to as him." And with that she was asleep.

Louis; The boys were coming over soon and I knew (Y/N) would want to play with Zayn. I swear she has a crush on him. If she wanted to play, she would have to take nap. "(Y/N)!" I called out. “Yes Lou Boo?" “You need to take your nap now!" “NO! I no tired. I play dollies!" “Yes you will nap if you want to play with Zayn!" My suscipsions of her crush were positive. I’ve never seen a child’s eyes grow as wide as hers did in that moment. She ran to her room jumped on her bed and yelled for me “Lou Boo! Tuck me in so I sleep please!" I knew her crush on Zayn would come in handy!

Niall; Harry, (Y/N), and I were walking casually through the mall. Harry was holding one hand and I was holding the other. Some fans came up so we took turns watching (Y/N) and meeting the fans. I noticed she began to become mad so I excused myself and picked her up so we could talk. “Why the sad face lil Horan?" “Those girls are laughing with Haz, he’s MINE!" And I knew we had a problem. I texted Harry telling him the situation because I knew (Y/N) would be embarrassed. He came over took her and tickled her “Sweetie, you know your my #1 girl! No one replaces you!" She smiled and proceeded to tell Harry about their wedding

Harry;  (Y/N) was sleeping while Liam and I watched Soccer. The game was getting good when (Y/N) came in screaming. “UNCLE LIII!!" Liam shot up and ran and picked her up. “What happened baby?" “I had a scary dream and you didn’t like me anymore! You said that I couldn’t have a crush on you!" And with that she quickly threw her hands over get mouth. Liam raised his eyebrows at her “Is that so? Well dear I promise you can have a crush on me and I will never leave you!" She smiled. “Promise?" She asked with her pinky stinky out. “Promise" he repeated. He brought her over and she cuddled up to both of us and was soon asleep again.

Zayn; “Zaynniee" (Y/N) called out running into the kitchen where i currently was making her favorite Kool-Aid. “Yes sweetheart?" “Can Uncle Lou come play today with me?" “I don’t know baby we’ll have to call" After calling and Louis agreeing to come, (Y/N) ran and brought of different outfits to show me. “Which one Zaynie?" “I don’t know why do you have to change?" “Because if I look pretty Uncle Louis will have a crush on me like I have one on him!" And she ran off after deciding for herself. 30 minutes later Louis showed up to news that (Y/N) had a crush and of course he couldn’t resist the Malik charm.

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