One Direction Imagines

Just Random Imagines For All One Direction Fans c:


113. You’re Friends And He Touches Your Boob(s)

Harry: ”Haz, I’m so tired and barely can keep my eyes open. Please let’s get go to bed” you yawned, lifting your head from Harry’s shoulder and sat up on your knees. He sighed, “Well, alright. — Even though I’m wide awake.” You giggled and he grabbed the remote to turn off the fifth movie of the night, that you’d probably finish the next time you meet for a sleepover. You walked up to Harry’s bedroom and, since you already wore comfy clothes, just slipped out of your sweatpants and crawled under the covers. After you felt cushy enough you rolled over to turn off the lamp. Harry was behind you and wrapped his arms around your tiny body, spooning you. That’s what you always did on your sleepovers. You were just really close to eachother and loved to cuddle together. But that time it was kinda awkward. “Harry?” you mumbled as he responsed with a muffled, “Mhm.” “You know that’s not my stomach, do ya?” He pulled you closer. “Yea.”

Niall: ”What the hell is that?” you asked after Niall just suggested to play the ‘nervous game’ after you ran out of board games. “Well, it’s very easy. You just have to touch your teammate somewhere and see if they get nervous or uncomfortable” he laughed and you mentally slapped him. “That sounds so stupid.. but oh well” you sighed and put your hand on his shoulder, raising an eyebrow at him, “Are you nervous?” Niall shoke his head, “Nope” and touched your forehead. “Nevous yet?” You started laughing but shoke your head ‘no’. You contiuned to play this game until your hand rested near his crotch and his on your waist. “Still not” he shrugged, and man, you swear you could see a bit of amusement in his eyes. As you focused on them you suddenly felt his massive hand on your boob and flinched back, “Okay now I’m nervous!”

Liam: ”[Y/N], I get it. You brought the skittles and they are your favorites. I don’t care. You can have them. But I wouldn’t mind if you gave me some of my popcorn” Liam ranted and watched you muching on the popcorn he just made a few minutes earlier. You swallowed and raved, “But it’s just so good!”, before throwing another hanful in your mouth. “Of course it is! Because I made it with love!” you saw him pouting on the other side of the couch. “Because I made it with love” you mocked and threw a popcorn at him. “Hey!” And with that Liam tried to grab the popcorn bowl from you, but you were quick to stretch your arm in the other direction, so he wouldn’t reach. He crawled further up the couch, so he was half on top of you, but as he streched out his hand to grab the bowl, he accidently brushed your boob. His eyes went wide and he quickly pulled back. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry, [Y/N]! I didn’t mean to!” he apologized, frantically. But you just laughed it off and assured him, “It’s okay, Liam. It’s not like you just almost killed me.”

Louis: ”I’m not sure about this” you called out to Louis, who was waiting outside of your changing room, “It looks kinda weird around the chest area.” You made a 360-twist, exaiming the blouse ones more. “Well, come out and let me see” Louis told you, his voice getting closer, “As your shopping partner I’m supposed to help you.” After a final glance into the mirror you stepped out of the small cabin, Louis precisely analysing the piece of clothing. “Hmm” he breathed, putting one of his hands on his chin. “It’s bad, isn’t it?” you asked as he walked up to you. He pulled at the hem and sides of the blouse, trying to tug it into a right place. But you didn’t expect him to grab your boobs and push them higher, so you’d have a better looking cleavage. “Louis!” you squealed and slapped his hand away. “You were right. That doesn’t fit at all” he acknowledged and pushed you back into the cabin, leaving you dumbfounded, “Let’s get changed, so we can head to the food court, yeah?”

Zayn: Zayn and you were best friends and you practically knew everything about eachother, so it was not surprising that he knew about your fear of the darkness and immediately wanted to comfort you during the blackout in your apartment. He was spending the night at yours and just in the moment when you were preparing late-dinner and he went to the restroom, the power shut down and everything went black. You let go of the knife in your hand and immediately called for him. “ZAYN!” “I’m on my way!” he called back and you could hear his footsteps coming closer. You decided to walk towards him, but after two steps you suddenly felt Zayn’s hand flatly pressed to your chest and your eyes went wide. “Please tell me this is your shoulders” Zayn spoke and you could feel your cheeks getting hotter. “I-um..” you stuttered and Zayn quickly removed his hands, awkwardly coughing. “I’m sorry.” “It’s alright” you assured him, as you both kept your distance. “But I’m still scared, y’know?” you told him, still embarrassed from what just happened. “C’mere” he chuckled and pulled you into a hug, trying his best to avoid your chest area.

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